Chen Douling hit the face of Yang Zi live users: makeup is not as good as the United States and the United States recently, small ears for the public to do a live broadcast of the public, but users have left a message: makeup is not so beautiful after. Ou Hao Chen Turin Deng "bazaar" Adorable bad boyfriend Reiki little netizen said: feel not so cold, sweet little sister ~ and play Yang Zi has seen the shadow in this move every twinkle and smile? The standard oval face, synophrys with heavy makeup, the makeup temperament actually hit the face of Yang Zi campus belle. Fight together to see, more like a wood? In fact, it is no wonder that users will find the makeup is not a pure, when a group of fresh makeup photos popular network Chen Douling but with pure campus Belle banner, so most users in the eyes she was pure and pleasant way. And then starred in the original works of Rao Xueman, director of the work of the "left ear", but also a piece of powder round of Alec Su. Then said Pat "left ear" to return to the ordinary life of Chen Douling has a new action, it is a minute of the face. However, in recent years, micro-blog has caused a response of the small video, bomb sister also saw, Yan value is still online, is still so beautiful and different. The quiet melodious makeup girl, pure and lovely people gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory. I hope she has been the United States down, there is also a good acting up ah……相关的主题文章: