More and more people are shopping online for their printer and toner supplies. There are online stores that carry almost every brand name and accessory in existence. There are advantages and disadvantages of using an online source for these products, and a few things to watch out for while shopping as well. Here’s a quick checklist of what to look for when buying printer and toner supplies online. Check for .patibility The tricky part to buying laser printer supplies and toner is making sure the accessories are .patible with your printer. Most printers .e with a toner cartridge already installed. But when it .es time to replace the cartridge, you should look at the old cartridge and write down the product serial or identification number on the cartridge. If you’re not sure about the type of toner cartridge needed, check in your printer manual. You can also check in the printer manual to find out about other replaceable parts if your printer needs a repair. It’s important to buy parts that are .patible. Trying to install toner or other parts that are not .patible could harm the machine. Also, you’ll save time and money by checking the .patibility in advance. If you order the wrong toner, it will have to be shipped to you and then shipped back to the .pany for an exchange. The .pany might not refund your original shipping amount so that’s money lost. Price versus Quality .pare prices on printer supplies and toner, but don’t go by price alone. There are many .panies that sell cheap made products at cheap prices. It’s better to pay a little more and get a good brand name product than to waste money on a product that won’t last. Search online for quality brand names such as Apple, IBM, Lanier, Epson, Dell, Brother, Canon, Digital, GCC, Geni., Samsung, Panasonic, Pitney Bowes, and HP .p. This will ensure you are getting printer accessories that are of a good quality. Ordering, Shipping, and Other Products Check to be sure the online .pany offers secure ordering and has reasonable shipping charges. Sometimes the shipping charges can eat up your savings. You’d be better off buying from a local store. But if you live far from the nearest printer supply store and the shipping is affordable, it’s well worth buying online. Some online .panies will offer a variety of products along with printer supplies. These products might include Sony tape drives, laptop hard drives, notebook batteries, CD/DVD drives, floppy drives, cell phone batteries, digital cameras and batteries, inkjet cartridges, and more. When you find a dependable .pany online that offers all these products at reasonable prices, you’ve found a goldmine! You can shop for your own printer toner supplies along with other related items and .bine shipping amounts to save money. Or, you can use the services for holiday gift shopping. Either way, you’ll save time and money by ordering these products online from the .fort of your own home. 相关的主题文章: