Save new network – paint formaldehyde flavor of College Students’ collective diarrhea initially ruled out food poisoning Changchun food and Drug Administration said the specific reasons to laboratory symptom multiple freshman 22, a university student Changchun collective diarrhea in tap water, there are a number of users in the micro-blog bid, Changchun University of Technology Lake campus students vomiting, diarrhea, have a fever and other body symptoms. Yesterday, the Changchun Municipal Food and Drug Administration conducted an investigation of the incident, the initial rule out the possibility of food poisoning. Many students lack the evening of 22, the number of users broke the news that the Changchun University of Technology Lake campus students suspected food poisoning symptoms. BYD reporter learned that many people posting for the school students. According to the school post students said that the number of students suffering from physical discomfort as many as hundreds of people, the school’s school hospital are all 22 nights of physical discomfort in patients with a doctor, take medicine. The symptoms of these students are vomiting, diarrhea, more serious students have a fever symptoms, some students suspected that the school cafeteria meals unsanitary". 22, as well as at night on the morning of 23, there are serious students have been taken to hospital for emergency treatment of the 120 emergency vehicles. According to the school students reflect the incident has not yet released the official notice of the school, only the appointment of class cadres on the number of students with physical discomfort statistics, and asked the students not to say it. The vacancy of too many big 2 morning classes freshman ODA told reporters BYD, a total of four people in their bedroom, that night, only one person to go to the cafeteria to eat now, diarrhea, the remaining three people did not go to the cafeteria to eat no discomfort. ODA said freshman is now at the stage of 23 days of military training, military training is normal, but the class a lot of people because of physical discomfort and leave. Sophomore little man said that night she and roommate in the cafeteria to eat meal, the meal is the same, more than her roommate bought Egg Tart and sausage, after dinner, she did what no discomfort, but my roommate appeared vomiting. The same symptoms, other students in the class also appeared, one of the more serious symptoms of students were sent to hospital 120 ambulance. Because too many people vomiting and diarrhea, the early morning of 23 classes are closed. Preliminary elimination of 23 food poisoning, food and Drug Administration Changchun city staff told reporters on the BMC, they received a large number of students in the diarrhea and vomiting news from an anonymous report, soon after investigating the incident. 23 afternoon, the food and drug administration staff have been carried out in the school samples related to the sample, the current preliminary findings show that the food eaten by the students have nothing to do. The staff said, there are a lot of laboratory tests need to be tested, the final results need to be detected before. The staff also said that the cause of vomiting, diarrhea, have a fever and other symptoms of food poisoning is not just this one, may also be caused by drinking water, the use of tableware, or psychogenic reaction factors such as the The climate does not suit one. The number of students with vomiting and diarrhea symptoms is still in the statistics, many of which focus on freshman. North Chi相关的主题文章: