Determine the 2016 vintage champagne grape harvest Beijing September new net date in 12, the French champagne Industry Committee (CIVC) 2016 year grape harvest dates have been announced, according to the different grape varieties began to harvest date for each village, covering the Aisne, Marx and Engels, Marne, Senna Marne and aube. Among them, the earliest villages began to harvest date mostly concentrated in the south of the location of the Aube, such as TRANNES from September 10th to harvest and Pino Maunier, BALNOT-SUR-LAIGNES from September 15th to harvest chardonnay. Start the latest harvest date mostly concentrated in the north of the village Marne, such as MARFAUX can be harvested until September 26th until the September 27th BOULEUSE Pinot Noir, Chardonnay can be harvested. Due to this year, the Champagne region has suffered frost, hail and mildew, grape production is expected to average 7000-7500 kg per hectare, may be the lowest yield in nearly 20 years of a year. According to the French champagne Industry Committee (CIVC) to the latest statistics, champagne, the existing 33762 hectares of vineyards, grape ratio: Pinot Noir accounted for 38%, Maunier Dzhan 32%, Chardonnay 30%. (Chen Zhuang)相关的主题文章: