"Catfish" travel the next three days Xiamen abated the temperature rise day by day yesterday the rainfall lasts very long. (trainee reporter Lin Minghong photo) [day] Yin Lei on the day after tomorrow, the temperature will rise, the city will be the highest temperature climbed to 29 degrees centigrade to 30 degrees centigrade, in the morning the night minimum temperature of 25 DEG C. Xiamen – Xiamen daily news (reporter Yin Lei correspondent Wang Cai Yanting) yesterday at 4:40, the seventeenth typhoon this year, typhoon "catfish" to pose in Huian coastal landing in Quanzhou. At 18:30 yesterday, the city will be typhoon emergency response level reduced to the lowest level III. As of press time reporter at 22 o’clock yesterday, the city flood control and Drought Relief Headquarters did not receive the report of the disaster, danger, no casualties due to the impact of typhoon. Yesterday, "catfish" on the shore of Quanzhou from the Huian coast tour, then the road, brought a rainstorm process to the city, mountains of northern Tongan also appeared heavy rain. The meteorological department predicted that the next three days, with the "catfish" effect gradually weakened, the rain also day by day, the temperature will rise slightly daily. It rained yesterday, the biggest place is half Tongan village, from the day before yesterday afternoon to night, the cumulative rainfall reached 160.5 mm, reached the rainstorm magnitude. The rain was the biggest place in front of the Temple Street, a total rainfall of 60.5 mm, has reached the level of heavy rain. Yesterday’s rainfall is very characteristic, it lasted a long time, many areas of continuous rainfall for more than 24 hours, but the rainfall intensity is not very strong. The rain was half the largest case of Tongan village, rainfall is the most fierce rain 1 hours is only 19.5 mm, there is not much rain momentum. So although the total rainfall is very large, but the gentle wind and rain do not have a great impact on the city. Sustained severe wind and rain to suppress the temperature, the highest temperature around yesterday generally fell to below 27 degrees celsius. Today, affected by the "catfish" peripheral circulation, moderate weather will appear in our city, the local area has the heavy rain or rainstorm; tomorrow the rain weakened further, the city to overcast with showers or thunderstorms weather, local areas will have heavy rain; after the rainfall tends to stop, there is a brief showers or thunderstorms will only in the afternoon. Temperatures will pick up, the highest temperature in the urban area will climb to 29 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius, the minimum temperature in the morning night at the temperature of 25 degrees. [decryption] why last night, Xiamen and strong winds? "Catfish" will make the metacarpophalangeal after nightfall, Xiamen rain suddenly strong, especially the southerly winds roar unceasingly, seems to be "catfish" swam back again. In fact, the "catfish" road, already far away from the Xiamen center. As of 9 pm, the typhoon center has been moved to the nearby city of Longyan town Wuping County, near the center of the largest wind is still 8 (18 m / sec). What happened last night? Originally, "catfish" good "cotton palm", a slap, and then after a long time still fresh rain. Meteorological experts, last night the weather is It’s raining and blowing hard. southwest airstream induced by "catfish" wake. "Catfish" huge body, outer spiral bands covering a wide range of. In the process of crossing the island of Taiwan, "catfish" by the central mountain)相关的主题文章: