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Sun Hung Kai Financial: Hong Kong stocks HSI opened hot column periphery drives capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor Sina Hong Kong APP: real time market exclusive reference stocks also worth the investment? What’s the problem? Where is the future? Sina Hong Kong stocks launched "Hong Kong stocks are not attractive" big discussion, with a rational and constructive attitude, welcome to pay attention to Hong Kong stocks, people concerned about the capital market, together with Hong Kong stocks for advice and suggestions, and conspiracy of Hong Kong stock market tomorrow. Please to hkstock_biz@sina. Market trends and market comment external environment the United States will be released Friday’s employment report, the United States roughly flat. Dow fell 12 points, to close at 18268 points. The standard & Poor’s 500 index rose 1 points, to close at 2160 points. The NASDAQ fell 9 points to close at 5306 points. ADR Hong Kong share index closed at 23905 points, 47 points lower than the previous trading day. New York oil rose 0.61 dollars to close at $50.44 a barrel. U.S. economic data is strong, the local interest rate increase opportunities in the year, gold prices fell to 4 months low. New York gold fell $15.60, to close at $1253 an ounce. Hong Kong stocks yesterday by oil prices and good economic data led to the ideal, Hong Kong stocks opened the Hang Seng Index fell slightly in early trading, after the shock, finally closed at 23953 points, up 164 points, the index closed at 9947 points, up 136 points. The main board was HK $64 billion 600 million. The US Energy Information Administration (EIA) announced that crude oil inventories were unexpectedly reduced last week, and oil prices continued to build. CNOOC (883.HK, 10.54 Hong Kong dollars) rose 3.94%, PetroChina (857.HK, HK $5.57) rose 4.11%, Sinopec (386.HK, 5.95 Hong Kong dollars) rose 1.71%. It is reported that Lenovo Group (992.HK, 5.26 Hong Kong dollars) intends to acquire Fujitsu’s personal computer business, Lenovo shares to support, the share price rose 1.54%. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

新鸿基金融:受外围带动 港股恒指高开 热点栏目 资金流向 千股千评 个股诊断 最新评级 模拟交易 客户端 新浪财经App:直播上线 博主一对一指导 新浪港股APP:实时行情 独家内参   港股还值不值得投资?出现了什么问题?未来出路在哪里?新浪港股发起“港股还有没有吸引力”大讨论,以理性、建设性的态度,欢迎关注港股、关注资本市场的人士,一起为港股建言献策,共谋港股市场的明天。来稿请至hkstock_biz@sina 。   市场走势及评论   外围市况   市场观望美国将于周五公布的就业报告,美国大致持平。道指跌12点,收报18,268点。标普500指数升1点,收报2,160点。纳指跌9点,收报5,306点。ADR港股比例指数收报23,905点,较上个交易日跌47点。   纽约期油升0.61美元,收报每桶50.44美元。美国经济资料强劲,当地于年内加息机会上升,金价跌至4个月低位。纽约期金跌15.60美元,收报每盎司1,253.00美元。   昨日港股   受油价向好及经济资料理想带动,港股恒指高开,早盘小幅回落后震荡提升,最终收报23,953点,涨164点,国指收报9,947点,涨136点。主板成交646亿港元。美国能源信息局(EIA)公布,上周原油库存意外减少,油价继续造好。中海油(883.HK,10.54港元)涨3.94%,中石油(857.HK,5.57港元)涨4.11%,中石化(386.HK, 5.95港元)涨1.71%。有报导指出联想集团(992.HK,5.26港元)拟收购富士通的个人计算机业务,对联想股价带来支持,股价升1.54%。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

如果站上此关键价位 剑魔重修

Carsem group: NZD $is expected to break the client to view the latest market in recent days, with the Fed rate hike is expected to decline again this year, the dollar fell at a very fast speed, and clearly reflected in the currency of serious unilateral transactions, such as the euro ($do empty), the dollar and the dollar yen (long) the Swiss Franc (long). With the dollar weakening, some might think that the central bank [micro-blog] stands stronger currencies, such as the Australian dollar and the nzd. But the Aussie dollar and the NZD dollar have only risen slightly. Clearly, concerns about slowing growth in China, the biggest trading partner of these countries, are important reasons for the fact that these currencies have not risen decisively. Of course, the Australian dollar and the NZD are still commodity currencies, and tend to behave poorly in the same environment where commodity prices are similarly low. But if it is purely interest spread, it can be affirmed that these currencies have already touched the bottom, especially in the face of continued decline in commodities (except gold, of course), no matter what happens. The interest rates in New Zealand and Australia are the highest in developed countries, respectively, reported at 2.5% and 2%, and these two figures are much higher than the negative interest rates of most European countries or near zero interest rates in the United states. Moreover, the position of the RBA and the New Zealand Federal Reserve has shifted to neutral, so it is not going to continue to cut interest rates. In addition, employment in Australia’s non mining sector has increased significantly recently. Now imagine, if other key commodity prices bottoming what will happen. Now focus on the NZD $: the daily chart shows a clear market consolidation. New Zealand dollar has been near the low point since the middle of the year. But recent price volatility and the Fed’s change in view of US interest rates suggest that it is likely to go up. The dollar rises above the 0.6500 center and stands at 0.6585 of the short line resistance and turns it into a support position. In addition, the exchange rate is currently above the 50 day moving average. The average now looks up, although it may not be very large. The 50 day moving average is fast approaching the 200 day moving average, if worn, may form a macd". In that case, it’s a new bullish signal. When the EMA arranged in this series, most trend traders may buy rather than sell for. The NZD dollar itself is also trying to stand on the 200 day moving average (not far below 0.6700), which is where the downward trend line began in July 2014. So, if you stand on this critical price, perhaps strongly hinted that the market may again upside 0.6840-0.6880 key areas, and this time it may stand on it. In short, the NZD $is at the bottom on the way, is likely to break. If it closes above the 200 day moving average and above the downtrend line (which is possible today), it could be bullish. And if you’re standing on the 0.6840-0.6880 key resistance zone, it’s probably the confirmation signal. If the dollar is back below the 0.6585 support position, the short-term trend may turn the bear again. And if the first wave of low point near 0.6345 also fall, then the bullish signal may be completely invalid. Sina statement.

嘉盛集团:纽元美元 可望上破 客户端 查看最新行情   最近几天,随着美联储今年再次加息的预期减退,美元以相当快的速度下跌,并且清晰地体现在单边交易严重的货币对上,比如欧元 美元(做空)、美元 日元(做多)和美元 瑞郎(做多)。鉴于美元走弱,一些人可能会认为,那些央行[微博]立场较强硬的货币,比如澳元和纽元,表现更好。但澳元 美元和纽元 美元迄今也只是小幅上扬。显然,对(这些国家最大贸易伙伴)中国的经济增长放缓的担忧,是这些货币对没有断然走高的重要原因。当然,澳元和纽元还是商品货币,在商品价格同样走低的环境中,通常表现不好。   但如果纯以利差论,可以肯定地说,这些货币对业已触底,尤其是面对商品持续下跌(当然黄金除外),无论如何暂时不再下跌。新西兰和澳大利亚的利率是发达国家中最高的,分别报在2.5%和2.0%,这两个数字远高于大多数欧洲国家的负利率或者美国的近零利率。而且,澳洲联储和新西兰联储的立场已经转为中性,所以目前看不会继续降息。另外,澳大利亚非矿业领域的就业最近明显增长。现在想象下,如果其它关键商品的价格筑底会发生什么。   现在把重点放在纽元 美元上:日图呈现出清晰的盘整行情。自去年年中前后至今,纽元 美元一直在数年低点附近盘整。但最近的价格波动以及美联储对美国利率的看法改变,表明有可能冲高。纽元 美元低点上抬,回到0.6500中枢上方,站上短线阻力位0.6585,并使其转为支撑位。此外,汇价目前报在50天均线上方。该均线现在抬头,虽然幅度可能不大。50天均线正在快速逼近200天均线,如果上穿,可能形成“金叉”。那样的话,是新的看涨信号。当均线以这种序列排列时,大多数趋势交易者可能寻机买入而不是沽出。纽元 美元本身也在试图站上200天均线(目前在0.6700下方不远处),这里也是一始于2014年7月的下跌趋势线所在。所以,如果站上此关键价位,或许强烈暗示后市可能再次上攻0.6840-0.6880关键区域,并且这次有可能站于其上。   简言之,纽元 美元正处于筑底途中,很可能上破。如果收于200天均线和上述下跌趋势线上方(今天有可能实现),可能是看涨信号。而如果站上0.6840-0.6880关键阻力区域,可能是确认信号。如果纽元 美元回到0.6585支撑位下方,短线趋势可能再次转熊。而如果前一波低点0.6345附近也失守,则看涨信号可能完全失效。 新浪声明:新浪网登载此文出于传递更多信息之目的,并不意味着赞同其观点或证实其描述。文章内容仅供参考,不构成投资建议。投资者据此操作,风险自担。相关的主题文章:

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Gothic Art (a) – Sohu origin: about " Gothic (Gothic) " the word of the source, from the earliest one called the Visigothic tribe of the early European, the destruction and looting of music for the tribe in ignorance and lack of artistic taste is known. In the middle ages, a style of architecture with the most prominent features of the spire Cathedral became popular, and the so-called " Gothic " architecture. In Britain the Vitoria period, LLN Poe, Mry Shelly Edgr and Brm Stoker as the representative of a group of writer of horror fiction has also been described as Gothic style " ". Italy famous painter Rafael first used " in the ten world to Pope Leo’s letter; Gothic " the word, as criticism of central and Northern Europe before the Renaissance architectural style, namely the " " as a Gothic;; " savage " synonymous, and all from the Alps on the net the North came something called " the Gothic ". Since sixteenth Century, the Italy art critic Joel Joao Vasari put all the art between ancient and Renaissance are again called " the Goths, creation of " " " Gothic; the name was still in use in the history of art. In fact, there is no Gothic Gothic art and any contact, it is " Rome " the higher the development of the art, is a medieval Catholic theology reflected in art. Several main branches of the Gothic style is mainly reflected in the following aspects: 1. construction field: unique architectural style: straight column, tall ceiling, multi pointed arches, these can be found in many churches. 2. literary field: adventure stories full of strange, mysterious and grotesque stories, the stories tend to be dark, lonely ruins of the ancient castle. Some writers are keen to describe the darkness, emptiness, delusion, horror, mystery of the human heart… These themes are widely used in Gothic literature. 3. art field: also refers to a special print or handwriting, letter gorgeous. In the art of vision, the romantic painter also preferred the dark and desolate scenery. 4.: the clothing field under the influence of architectural style, Gothic style clothing is mainly reflected in the high crown, pointed shoes, skirts with a pointed and sharp serrated lower feeling. While the fabric or garment exhibited rich luster and bright colors and is intimately tied up with the Gothic stained glass in the Church of the. 5.: music by the end of the 70s post punk style (Post-Punk) evolved, the music was filled with anxiety, anxiety, pessimism and gloomy atmosphere, low-key gray rock wind. Please continue to pay attention to coincidence WeChat public platform account, we will do it every day

哥特风格的艺术(番外篇)下-搜狐   起源:   关于"哥特(Gothic)"这个词的出处,最早来源于欧洲早期的一个叫作西哥特的部族,这个以破坏和掠夺为乐的部族以无知和缺少艺术品位而著称。中世纪,一种以尖顶大教堂为最显著特色的建筑风格大行其道,及所谓的"哥特式"建筑。而在英国的维多利亚时期,以Edgr lln Poe、Mry Shelly和Brm Stoker等为代表的一批作家所创作的恐怖小说也被形容为"哥特"风格。      意大利著名画家拉斐尔在其给教皇利奥十世的信中首先用到"哥特式"一词,借以批评文艺复兴之前中欧及北欧的建筑样式,即把"哥特式"一词作为"野蛮"的同义语,从而将凡是从网尔卑斯山以北传来的东西都称之为"哥特式"的。此后,16世纪的意大利艺术评论家乔尔乔欧瓦萨里把介于欧洲古代与文艺复兴之间的所有艺术都贬称为"哥特人的创作","哥特式"之名在艺术史上遂沿用至今。其实,哥特式艺术与哥特人并无任何联系,它乃"罗马式"艺术的更高发展,为中世纪天主教神学观念在艺术上的一种反映。      哥特风格的几个主要分支主要体现在以下几个方面:   1.建筑领域:极具特色的建筑风格–笔直的立柱,高挑的天顶,多尖的拱门,这些均可见于许多教堂中。      2.文学领域:充斥诡异、神秘及怪诞色彩的历险故事,故事发生的地界往往是幽暗、孤寂的古堡废墟。一些作家十分热衷于描写人心的黑暗、空虚面,性妄想、恐怖、神秘…这些题材都在哥特文学作品中被广泛地运用。      3.艺术领域:也指一种特殊的印刷体或手写体,字母华美。在视觉艺术上,浪漫派的画家同样偏爱黑暗、凄凉的景致。      4.服装领域:受建筑风格的影响,哥特服装风格主要体现为高高的冠戴、尖头的鞋、衣襟下端呈尖形和锯齿等锐角的感觉。而织物或服装表现出来的富于光泽和鲜明的色调是与哥特式教堂内彩色玻璃的效果一脉相通的。      5.音乐领域:由在70年代末期后朋克风格(Post-Punk)演变而来,这种音乐中弥漫着不安、焦虑、悲观和灰暗的气氛,摇滚乐风灰暗低调。      请大家持续关注巧合网微信公共平台账号,我们每天都会为大家带来有趣有料的时尚知识和搭配建议。   标注“巧合原创”的文章,所有内容均为巧合网原创,转发请说明出处,否则我们会追究其责任。   相关的主题文章:

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Xin Qi assets to asset quality investors cashed: 100 thousand only lost one parking photograph: Daily Economic News Xin Qi assets asset quality statement to investors cashed: just company unilaterally decide each reporter Sha Fei Xin Qi assets 1 billion 900 million payment crisis is continuous fermentation. Last weekend, Xin Qi assets chairman Jia Huanqi by Xin Qi public official number to Xin Qi victims sent a letter to explain the recent exposure to honor the event, said the company will come up with the most high-quality assets for payment, even said "I do not lose rather deficient, you will do", "do not abandon, do not give up" attitude. Xin Qi asset investor representatives in the "daily economic news" reporter pointed out that, Xin Qi has never negotiated with investors compensation scheme, are unilateral decisions. "If it is really" high-quality assets ", relying on Xin Qi’s professional ability and industry advantages, it should not be easier and more reasonable?" Reporters learned that the current number of small amount of money for victims of Xin Qi have to get to the disposal of independent housing, "housing debt" means "high". Some of the victims said, "between high customer contact, no trust, no common house foundation disposal. And for 100 thousand yuan starting from the threshold of the victims, Xin Qi assets Shanghai executives told reporters, "100 thousand yuan can only compensate for a parking space."." "Small scattered" no independent disposal of housing since February 16th Xin Qi asset payment event broke out, its victims are basically divided into "take housing pie" and "money pie" two camps. The so-called "take housing pie" is to accept Xin Qi assets "to housing debt" compensation scheme customers; "money faction" is to adhere to Xin Qi assets in cash to repay the loss of the principal and interest. Small bulk have been unable to get for independent disposal of real estate, if now accept the placement of Xin Qi can "fight"." Investors say no to reporters shaking their heads, saying that it is one of the many victims of Xin Qi, belonging to small capital customers, once also "take housing faction"". Like most of Xin Qi victims, Xuan Xin rushed to Xin Qi company on the day of the incident. At that time, he did not agree with the police, using his words: "know the point company (Xin Qi assets) operation mode, Xin Qi company if you can open, there is hope to repay the money, if stopped, then the repayment of money is very slim."." "It’s really like signing a Chinese cabbage."." Xuan told reporters, under the guidance of Shanghai Xin Qi executives, many Xin Qi salesman desperately looking for people to register, fill in the waiver of debt agreement. "Their reason is to try to get a point before the seizure of justice." Xuan said that he was also agree with the concept of stop loss, but feel that giving up the creditor may not be reliable, hesitated for a long time before signing the agreement. "At that time, I still take the housing faction."." But soon, someone found something wrong. First of all, we need to accept the "small scattered flatshare". But the Xuan believes a "high customer contact, no trust, no common house foundation disposal. In addition, because many houses are also faster, on the theory

鑫琦资产称以优质资产兑付 投资者:10万仅赔一个车位 图片来源:每日经济新闻   鑫琦资产声明以优质资产兑付 投资者:只是公司单方面决定   ◎每经记者 沙斐   鑫琦资产19亿兑付危机事件正在持续发酵中。   上周末,鑫琦资产董事长贾唤琦通过鑫琦官方公众号向鑫琦受害者们发出了一封信,就近期曝光的兑付事件作出解释,称会拿出公司最优质的资产进行兑付,甚至称“宁愿亏我,不亏大家”,会做到“不抛弃,不放弃”的态度。   鑫琦资产的投资者代表在接受《每日经济新闻》记者采访时指出,鑫琦从来没有与投资者协商过补偿方案,都是单方面决定。“如果真的是‘优质资产’,凭借鑫琦的专业能力和行业优势变现不是应该更容易、更合理?”   记者了解到,目前一些中小资金量的鑫琦受害者已经拿不到可供独立处置的房源,接受“以房抵债”就意味着要“拼房”。部分受害者表示,“拼房”的客户之间无联系、无信任,没有共同处置房子的基础。   而针对10万元起投门槛的受害者,鑫琦资产上海地区的高管则告诉记者,“10万元只能赔偿一个车位。”   “小散”无可独立处置房源    自2月16日鑫琦资产兑付事件爆发以来,其受害客户基本分为“拿房派”和“要钱派”两个阵营。   所谓的“拿房派”就是接受鑫琦资产“以房抵债”补偿方案的客户;“要钱派”则坚持鑫琦资产用现金偿付损失的本金和利息。   “小散已经拿不到可供独立处置的房产了,如果现在接受鑫琦的安置就只能‘拼房’。”投资人宣某无奈向记者摇头称,其是鑫琦众多受害者之一,属于小资金客户,曾经也是“拿房派”。   和大多数鑫琦受害者一样,宣某事发当天就赶去了鑫琦公司。当时他并不赞成报警,用他的话说:“知道点公司(鑫琦资产)运作模式,鑫琦公司如果还能开下去,那还有还钱的希望,如果停了,那么还钱就很渺茫了。”   “那里签房真的就像签大白菜一样。”宣某告诉记者,在上海鑫琦高管们指引下,许多鑫琦的业务员拼命找人登记,填写放弃债权协议书。“他们的理由就是争取在司法查封前,拿到一点是一点。”   宣某表示,自己当时也是赞同这种止损概念的,但又觉得放弃债权可能不靠谱,犹豫了很久才签了协议书。   “当时,我还是拿房派。”但很快,宣某发现不对劲的问题来了。首先,小散们需要接受“拼房”。但宣某认为,“拼房”的客户之间无联系、无信任,没有共同处置房子的基础。   另外,由于很多房子还都是期房,想要变现变得难以估算,再加上将来变现时还要涉及诸多税费、物业费和交通费等支出。宣某表示,“我们和那些大资金客户能做的事能接受的后果是不一样的。对我们来说,拿房已经晚了也没用了。”   10万元仅赔一个车位    据了解,鑫琦名下理财产品的投资门槛是10万元。对此,《每日经济新闻》记者以小资金投资者的名义致电上海鑫琦的高管金某,该人士近期主要负责给受害客户签房。   “10万元可以拿一个车位。”金某在电话中告诉记者,“如果你不喜欢车位,那也就没东西了,只能拼(房)了。”   据一位已去郑州实地考察的客户称,当地的拿房情况是先到先得,相对好点的房源据说已经被反应快的投资人置换了,剩下的房源由鑫琦方面划分,而且除车位外要收10%~20%的手续费。   金某对此表示,拿房产证需要支付一定手续费,但每个客户具体情况不同,还要进一步细谈。   “不过你(是)10万元的话,真的很难弄啊。”在一番沟通后,金某在电话中也无奈地笑者说道:“刚刚被(客户)轰炸过,脑子还热着。”   “10万元肯定是贵了,而且不一定能卖出去”,资深地产人士薛建雄就鑫琦以一个车位补偿10万资金客户的方式向《每日经济新闻》记者表示,“以目前的行情,两三万就已经很不错了。”   事实上,就在上周末,鑫琦资产董事长贾唤琦还通过鑫琦官方公众号向鑫琦受害者们发出了一封信,就近期爆发的兑付事件作出解释,称会拿出公司最优质的资产进行兑付,甚至称“宁愿亏我,不亏大家”,会做到“不抛弃,不放弃”的态度。   “截至目前,鑫琦资产出台的兑付方案都是以所谓的‘优质资产’来抵债,如果真的本着‘宁愿亏我,不亏大家’的做法,为什么鑫琦资产不凭借专业优势和行业优势把这些‘优质资源’变现后拿来用现金兑付投资人的本息呢?”鑫琦资产的受害投资者代表接受《每日经济新闻》记者采访时指出,鑫琦从来没有与投资者协商过补偿方案,都是单方面决定的。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

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