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Le Xinwei Golden 200 day average pressing obvious, is expected to further down 吃槟榔为什么会出汗

Le Xinwei: Gold 200 on average significantly suppressed, is expected to further down the gold again yesterday, the impact of 200 on average, the impact of 200 on average is the last trading day of the theme, but the impact of 200 on average to prevent down is yesterday’s theme, yesterday after the impact of 200 on average gold began dropping $1120, to build the short-term support. Is expected to explore the process is still not over, and the process of dropping gold. The specific market orientation, today’s market analysis of today’s figure mentioned in front of gold, the fractal structure of bullish, bearish, that is to say there is no uniform signal, which is currently the most headache problem, if in accordance with the fractal, now is the ABC structure, according to the structure is to drive up, it is difficult to define, bias current of the former. The subsequent follow up again. Mentioned yesterday once again hit the 200 day moving average, short-term drop $1134 set, the current market is subject to $1134, subject to the 200 day moving average, strategies tend to short rallies, as shown above, if the market continued to rise in space is not large, the market will also fall to the process, the two purple line are considered for the subsequent pressing. Operation strategy today $1128 short of gold, stop 1131 dollars, target 1124–1118, more than a single position more than 11121110, stop 111108 dollars, target 1116-1121. Gold investment, state supreme; gold trader, the trend of times, the flow is king. Le Xinwei 2016-02-03 into [Sina Financial shares] discussion

乐信伟:黄金200日均线压制明显,有望进一步下行   黄金昨日再度冲击200日均线,冲击200日均线是这两个交易日的主题,但是,冲击200日均线预防冲高回落是昨日的主题,昨日黄金冲击200日均线之后开始下探,1120美元构筑短线支撑,预计下探的过程依然没有结束,黄金还有下探的过程。具体的行情导向,今日行情今日图   前面分析提过就黄金而言,结构看涨,分形看跌,也就是说没有统一的信号,这是目前最头疼的问题,如果按照分形,现在就是abc结构,按照结构就是驱动上涨,这个很难界定,目前偏向前者,后续再跟进。昨日提及再度冲击200日均线,短线1134美元关口回落蓄势,目前行情受制于1134美元,受制于200日均线,策略上倾向于继续逢高做空,如上图,如果行情继续上涨空间不会很大,行情也将回落蓄势的过程,图中两条紫色线都视为后续压制。   今日操作策略   1128美元做空黄金,止损1131美元,目标1124–1118,多单位置1112 1110多,止损111108美元,目标1116-1121。黄金投资,境界至上;黄金操盘,趋势为王;与时俱进,顺势而为。   乐信伟   2016-02-03 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

A layer of cutin thick how when the goddess 西华大学安德校区

How does a thick layer of keratin become a goddess? Introduction: when you want to be a goddess, the face project is natural. On the face of the bottles are full of hard work, but a rolled up his sleeves and exposed elbow, immediately broken! Content source: red show Chinese net exfoliation, when goddess how possible? Grazia please look at your elbow. Is it black and dry at the knee?. Right, these are "old waste horny""! The old cutin is generated every day, the original natural metabolism, peel off horniness, due to aging, cleaning is not thorough, the sun, too much oil, weather and other reasons, affecting the speed of falling, once in the accumulation of too much, it will form looks dull color, touch the cuticle to brown rough. Remove the old waste horny not removed, goddess image how to maintain?! So in the summer and autumn days, Grazia will have to remove the weapon goddess woman knee, elbow method of horny old waste (hair). Body scrub scrub Method1: Body Scrub scrub scrub as a professional product to remove horny, naturally is the best tool. Used for bathing in thicker parts of the body’s cuticles, such as the neck, elbows and knees. After using it, you will feel the skin Q bomb Q. At this point, it is the best time to absorb the body milk. But because of direct effect on the skin, so the matte particles should not be too hard, will easily scratch the skin. Here, Grazia conscience recommends Oh! Baby body scrub, can remove dead skin, but also moisturize the skin. And the most important thing is to use the skin after the dry! A woman will jiaochen exclaimed: Oh! Baby! In this paper, loofah loofah Method2 exfoliating: loofah you do not know, loofah is actually a good exfoliating items. Because it is made of the inner net of loofah or gourd gourd, it has a strong and tough structure, and it will stretch and soften once it touches water. Because of the open structure of the fiber, it can let the air freely in and out, and it is not easy to breed bacteria. When bathing, direct friction on the accumulation of old waste horny too thick parts, along one direction, like a round, attention must be very gentle. Remove dead skin and then lubricate with bath cream. Honey exfoliating Method3: Honey exfoliating, put aside professional exfoliating products, in fact, we can also do their own life DIY. And honey is a great choice! Here we need 2 spoons of honey, 1 spoons of lemon juice and 1 spoons of baby oil, and then mix them into a paste. Don’t forget to heat your knees or elbows for 10-15 minutes to soften the cuticles after you’ve prepared the material. Then put the prepared honey paste on top, wrap the massage with your hands, and then wipe it with hot towel after 3 minutes. Finally, apply the moisturizing body lotion, and the skin on the elbow and knee will immediately tender and smooth. Navigation in this paper

厚厚的一层角质还怎么当女神?   导语:?想要当女神,面子工程自然是不能少。脸上瓶瓶罐罐是下足了功夫,但是一卷起袖子,露出胳膊肘,立马就破功!内容来源:红秀中文网 去角质当女神   怎么可能?Grazia请你看看你的肘关节,膝盖处是不是又黑又干。对啦,这些都是“老废角质”!老废角质每天都在产生,原本该被自然代谢、剥离掉的角质,会因老化、清洁不彻底、日晒、出油过多、天气变化等原因,影响其脱落的速度,一旦在堆积过多,就会形成看起来颜色暗沉,摸起来糙糙的角质层。 去除老废角质   不去除,女神形象怎么维护?!所以在这个夏去秋来的日子里,Grazia就要支招女神妹子们去除膝盖,手肘处老废角质的方法(撩头发)。 身体磨砂膏去角质   Method1:身体磨砂膏去角质   磨砂膏作为去除角质的专业产品,自然是最佳利器。在洗澡时用于身体角质层较厚的部位,如颈后,手肘和膝盖。用后你会感觉到皮肤Q弹Q弹。此时,便是涂抹身体乳最好吸收的时间了。但因为直接作用于肌肤,所以磨砂的颗粒不宜太过坚硬,会容易划伤肌肤。在此,Grazia良心推荐Oh!Baby 身体磨砂膏,既可以去除死皮,又可以滋润肌肤。而且最重要的是使用以后肌肤不干! 用过的妹子都会娇嗔地惊呼:Oh!Baby! 本文导航 丝瓜络去角质   Method2:丝瓜络去角质   你不知道吧,丝瓜络其实是良好的去角质物品。由于它是以丝瓜或瓢瓜的内部网质制造,有强韧的结构,一旦碰到水后会伸展软化。因其纤维的开放式结构,能让空气自由进出,不易滋生细菌。沐浴时,直接摩擦于老废角质堆积过厚的部位,顺着向一方向,好像绕圈一样,注意力道必须非常轻柔。去除死皮角质后再用沐浴乳润滑即可。 蜂蜜去角质   Method3:蜂蜜去角质   抛开专业用的去角质产品,其实生活中我们也可以自己动手DIY。而蜂蜜就是一个很棒的选择!这里我们需要用到2大匙蜂蜜、1匙柠檬汁和1匙宝宝油,混合后搅拌成糊状。准备好材料之后,千万别忘了,要先将膝盖或手肘部位热敷10-15分钟,软化一下角质层。然后将准备好的蜂蜜糊抹在上面,用双手包住按摩,3分钟后,再用热毛巾擦拭干净就可以啦。最后涂抹上滋润的身体乳,手肘、膝盖处的肌肤会马上嫩滑起来喔。 本文导航相关的主题文章:

Jidong Cement 2015 losing nearly 1 billion 700 million yuan will face the risk rating 槐耳菌质

Jidong Cement 2015 losing nearly 1 billion 700 million yuan will face 2015 risk rating losing nearly 1 billion 700 million Jidong Cement face downgrade risk cement industry volume and price down, Sichuan Shuangma, Yatai group, Fujian cement and other cement enterprises has released the 2015 report Yukui Guo Shaodan economic new normal, the cement industry can not stop the chill, loss of performance the situation continues to decline. Recently, Tangshan Jidong Cement Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Jidong Cement) released 2015 performance forecast shows that due to the downturn in the market, volume and price drop down and other reasons, resulting in annual net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies, resulting in a significant loss of nearly 1 billion 700 million yuan. Subsequently, due to the loss of performance on Jidong Cement operation, financial status may be affected by the joint credit rating Co., Ltd. included in the credit rating watch list, "facing the risk of credit rating downgrades."." Excess capacity, reduced demand, volume and price down so many cement companies in 2015 ending yukui. Analysts pointed out that performance losses, from the environment, the downward pressure on the investor level, but also shows that enterprises in the economic "new normal" under the "throes of transition", the pace of industrial adjustment is relatively slow grasp. In the first half of 2016, the pressure on the cement industry may also be greater." Under the situation of declining losses, the company’s development strategy will be how to deal with related issues, "China Business News" correspondent sent to Jidong Cement, said in reply, "the company only accept on-site interviews.". The company will hold a special meeting in the near future to discuss the management strategy in 2016." The huge loss of nearly 1 billion 700 million ratings cut the risk of facing the cement industry recently, major companies have released 2015 results notice, the performance of no industry expected losses sustained decline trend. The latest results show that Jidong Cement in 2015 attributable to shareholders of listed companies net loss of 1 billion 650 million to 1 billion 750 million yuan, the basic loss per share of 1.224 yuan ~1.299 yuan. According to reporters view earnings reported in previous years, the loss index is the company for the first time in recent years, a major loss, but the company’s net profit and other important indicators began to appear losses in 2014. Jidong Cement is a joint-stock enterprise established by the wholly state-owned enterprise of Jidong Cement Refco Group Ltd in Hebei province. Public data show that the year 2014, Jidong Cement production costs per unit decreased compared to the same period, sales also increased, but due to the reduction of cement sales prices, resulting in the Company attributable to the parent company’s net profit plunged to 34 million 710 thousand yuan, compared to 2013 fell 89.92%. In the same year, the important data such as operating profit, total profit and net profit are deficit. The explanation given by the enterprise is that, in 2015, the cement production capacity of the company is still in serious excess, the contradiction between supply and demand is expanding, and the real estate and other downstream industries are not in good condition, leading to the regional market demand downturn intensified. The company’s cement sales dropped sharply, and the price drop was greater than the cost reduction, resulting in the company’s cement theory

冀东水泥2015年预亏近17亿元 将面临评级下调风险   2015预亏近17亿 冀东水泥面临评级下调风险   水泥业量价齐跌,四川双马、亚泰集团、福建水泥等多家水泥企业先后发布2015年预亏报告   郭少丹   经济“新常态”下,水泥产业难挡寒意,业绩亏损下滑势态仍在继续。   近日,唐山冀东水泥股份有限公司 (以下简称“冀东水泥”)发布2015年业绩预告显示,由于市场低迷、量价齐跌等原因造成全年归属于上市公司股东的净利产生重大亏损近17亿元。随后,因业绩亏损对冀东水泥经营、财务状况可能产生的影响,被联合信用评级有限公司列入信用评级观察名单,“面临信用评级下调的风险。”   产能过剩、需求减少、量价齐跌使得众多水泥企业在2015年预亏收尾。分析人士直指,业绩亏损,源于大环境、投资者层面的下行压力外,亦显示企业在经济“新常态”下的转型“阵痛期”中对产业调整的节奏的把握相对缓慢。“2016年上半年水泥业的压力亦可能较大。”   就在亏损下滑势态持续下,公司发展战略将如何应对等相关问题,《中国经营报》记者致函冀东水泥,其在回复中表示,“本公司只接受现场采访。本公司近期将召开专门会议,商讨2016年度经营策略。”   巨亏近17亿 评级面临下调风险   近日,水泥行业各大企业陆续发布了2015年业绩预告,业绩不出业内预料地持续亏损下滑势态。   最新业绩预告显示,冀东水泥2015年全年归属于上市公司股东的净利润亏损16.5 亿至 17.5 亿元,基本每股亏损1.224元~1.299元。   据记者查看往年财报获悉,上述亏损指标是该公司近几年来首次出现重大亏损情况,但公司净利润等重要指标已从2014年开始出现亏损。   冀东水泥是由国有独资企业河北省冀东水泥集团有限责任公司发起组建的股份制企业,水泥、熟料生产和销售为主营业务。公开数据显示,2014年度,冀东水泥单位生产成本较同期下降,销售量也有所增长,但是由于水泥销售价格的降低,导致公司归属于母公司的净利润同比大幅降至3471万元,较2013年同比大跌89.92%。同年的营业利润、利润总额、净利润等重要数据均为亏损状态。   该企业给出的解释是,2015年度公司所属领域水泥产能依然严重过剩,供需矛盾不断在扩大以及房地产等下游行业状况不佳,导致区域市场需求低迷加剧。公司水泥销量大幅下降且降价幅度大于成本降低幅度,造成公司水泥主业产生重大亏损。同时合营联营公司投资收益同比减少。   财经评论员严跃进分析称,出现亏损,实际上和其所处的行业产能过剩有关系。尤其从冀东水泥的区域布局看,京津冀区域实际上整个固定资产投资的节奏在下滑,实体经济发展的压力增大,对于水泥行业来说会有较大的压力。   冀东水泥曾表示,2015年将充分释放水泥产能,目标是销售水泥7400万吨,较2014年增长2.38%。但据其上述表述,2015年的拟定目标可能未达标。该公司相关工作人员在电话中告诉记者,相关业绩的具体数据将于4月中旬发布。   值得关注的是,2月2日,联合信用评级有限公司发布公告,称鉴于业绩亏损对冀东水泥经营、财务状况可能产生的影响,联合评级决定将冀东水泥之主体长期信用等级列入信用评级观察名单。观察期间,该机构将持续关注冀东水泥的亏损情况,并评估最终结果对冀东水泥主体长期信用等级产生的影响。   “被列入信用评级观察名单,一方面将使得冀东水泥的信用评级面临下调的风险,另一方面可能会影响后续的融资模式。而对于冀东水泥来说,可能也意味着后续应该加快库存的出清,否则库存背后的资金压力会比较大,进而恶化财务数据。” 分析师表示。   调整节奏缓慢 2016上半年承压较大   数据显示,2014年全国水泥产量24.7亿吨,增速为1.8%,同比下降7.8个百分点,需求增速创二十多年来最低水平。2015年全年水泥产量23.48亿吨,同比减少4.9%,25年来首现全年负增长。   尽管产能增长势头走低,但此前的产能严重过剩引发市场恶性竞争,产品价格持续走低,企业经济效益大幅下滑,行业亏损面快速扩大。   工信部统计数据显示,2015年规模以上建材企业实现利润4492亿元,同比降低6.9%。其中,水泥行业利润330亿元,同比下降58%。2015年出厂价格总体水平比2014年低3.3%,是近五年中最低水平。其中,水泥年平均出厂价格每吨270元,比2014年低29元。   据记者不完全统计,除冀东水泥外,四川双马、亚泰集团、福建水泥等多个水泥企业先后发布2015年亏损预告。   预告显示,四川双马公司预亏12000万元~10500万元,该公司上年同期盈利3294.33万元,2015年将由盈转亏。福建水泥,预计公司实现归属于上市公司股东的净利润亏损34500 万元~36500 万元。亚泰集团,预计公司实现归属于上市公司股东的净利润亏损10000 万元~20000万元。   业内分析师称,在整体经济运行存在较大下行压力的背景下,与水泥需求密切相关的投资增速的下滑是水泥需求大幅下滑的主要原因。   机构数据显示,2015年全年地产投资数据保持低迷,其中1~12月累计房地产投资9.6万亿元,同比上升1%,增速环比下滑0.3%,投资增速持续7个月低于5%,后期有继续探底可能。1~12月累计房屋新开工面积15.45亿平方米,同比下滑14%。   严跃进称,从地产投资的角度看,去库存依然是一个较大的任务,而开发投资和新开工等指标的复苏可能会相对缓慢,这会使得水泥行业的需求难以快速攀升。因此在2016年上半年水泥行业可能压力较大,但是否能够改善要看2016年下半年的地产形势。   分析人士直指,业绩亏损,源于大环境、投资者层面的下行压力外,亦显企业在经济“新常态”下的转型“阵痛期”中对产业调整的节奏的把握相对缓慢。“目前部分地产相关企业正面临资产重组,一定程度上会重构供应链条。对于水泥企业来说,目前要思考的是审视相应企业的战略调整,进而制定营销策略和产品研发策略。   “水泥行业在2015年面临了较大的亏损压力,到了2016年应该从传统的需求中逐渐走出来,通过一些新兴行业发现市场机遇。比如说后续农村基础设施建设将是一个重要板块,这是部分水泥企业需要积极进入的领域。”上述分析人士表示。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

最近美股开始的一场调整 和平与爱吉他谱

Risk aversion gradually subsided, silver material duet down Melody – Sohu financial management this year, COMEX silver has been rising for nearly two months, up to 7% so far in February. The author believes that although the silver price rise significantly, but the outlook is not optimistic. As we all know, the Fed’s policy orientation has always been the focus of the market, the impact on the silver price may be critical. I judge, the Federal Reserve interest rate this year, the probability is great. The number of initial jobless claims in the United States has fallen sharply, the lowest level since November last year, indicating that the employment growth rate is rising; the core CPI month rate is the largest increase since August 2011, indicating upward pressure on prices. These are good for the fed to keep pace with this year’s rate hike. At the same time, the S & P 500 index has gained the largest three day gain in nearly 6 months, which indicates that the market risk aversion will gradually dissipate, and will have a negative impact on the price of silver. In February 16th, Philadelphia Federal Reserve Chairman Huck said that it would be wise to continue to raise interest rates after seeing more signs of inflation. Cash Kari, the chairman of the Minneapolis fed, said the Fed was expected to raise interest rates step by step. Reuters also issued a forecast on the same day, the Fed may have two interest rates during the year, this year’s interest rate increase at least once the probability of 75%. In February 17th the Fed announced January meeting minutes show that although the majority of the members are prepared to admit the economic downside risks are increasing, but they are still not ready to withdraw interest rate expectations, but continue to wait and wait, and if the stock market prices are beginning to recover, the Fed’s views on the outlook or more optimistic. Although the Fed’s position is important, the Fed’s policy decision still depends on data performance, and the market will focus on inflation, wages and employment growth indicators in the United states. First of all, the U.S. unemployment rate in January was only 4.9%, fell below the 5% mark, for the first time in 2007, less than 5%; in January hourly wage rose by 0.5%, up 2.5%, both better than expected. The number of jobless claims in the United States dropped unexpectedly, the lowest level since November last year, indicating the rising employment rate. Second, the U.S. inflation rate has been below 2% for the past few years, and the Fed’s expectations for a sustained rebound in US core inflation have not been achieved. The core CPI month rate in January hit the largest increase since August 2011, the seasonally adjusted CPI rate in January has been the highest since October 2014, indicating that the price appears to be action. At the same time, the Ministry of labor has revised the CPI in the past five years, and the CPI and core CPI performance in the last few months of last year has increased compared with the previous. The author believes that the Fed is likely to increase interest rates in the case of easing the market turmoil. Rising interest rates in the United States also limit the rise of precious metals, because precious metals are non life assets. Global stock markets will continue to improve public data show that as of February 19th, the standard & Poor’s 500 index fell 6.17% this year. Looking back, the U.S. market has gone through four years of bull market. For this reason, a recent adjustment of US stock market has led some organizations to worry about the discussion that the US market is entering a bear market. Pen.

避险情绪逐渐消退 白银料重奏下跌旋律-搜狐理财   今年以来,COMEX白银已经连续上涨接近两个月,2月迄今涨幅高达7%。笔者认为,银价虽然涨势显著,但前景并不乐观。众所周知,美联储政策取向一直是市场关注重点,对银价影响可能是关键性的。笔者判断,美联储今年加息的概率极大。美国初请失业金人数意外骤降,创下去年11月以来的最低水平,表明就业增速抬头;核心CPI月率创下2011年8月以来的最大增幅,表明价格出现上行压力。这些有利于美联储保持今年加息的步伐。同时,标普500指数取得近6个月最大的三日涨幅,这预示着市场避险情绪将逐步消散,对白银价格形成利空影响。   美国升息前景制约贵金属涨势   2月16日,费城联储主席哈克发表讲话称,等看到更多通胀攀升迹象后再继续升息是明智之举。明尼阿波利斯联储主席卡什卡利则称,预计美联储将循序渐进地升息。路透社在当天也发表预测称,美联储年内可能会有两次加息,今年加息至少一次的几率为75%。2月17日公布的美联储1月会议纪要显示,虽然大多数委员准备承认经济下行风险在不断增加,但目前他们仍不准备撤回加息预期,而是继续观望等待,如果股市和油价都开始复苏,美联储对前景的看法或更为乐观。   尽管美联储官员的表态很重要,但美联储政策决定仍要看数据表现,市场会高度关注美国通胀、薪资和就业增长指标。首先,美国1月失业率仅4.9%,跌破5.0%大关,为2007年来首次低于5%;1月每小时工资环比上涨0.5%,同比上涨2.5%,双双好于预期。美国初请失业金人数意外骤降,创下去年11月以来的最低水平,表明就业增速抬头。其次,过去几年美国通胀水平一直低于2%的目标,美联储对于美国核心通胀持续回升的预期并未实现。此次1月核心CPI月率创下2011年8月以来的最大增幅,1月未季调CPI年率创2014年10月以来最高,表明价格出现上行动力。同时,劳工部对过去五年的CPI进行了修正,去年最后数月的CPI和核心CPI表现与此前相比有所增强。笔者认为,美联储有可能在市场动荡局面缓解的情况下再度加息。美国升息前景也制约贵金属涨势,因为贵金属属于不生息资产。   全球股市将持续改善   公开数据显示,截至2月19日,标准普尔500指数今年以来累计下跌6.17%。回顾过去,美国市场经历了长达四年的牛市。为此,最近美股开始的一场调整,引来一些机构担忧美国市场进入熊市的讨论。笔者判断,美股无论是从周线还是月线来看,调整幅度都比较小,依然属于正常的调整。展望2016年,中国经济结构转型和美国加息的节奏将是全年的主题。在这两个宏观因素的叠加下,美国股市的波动会增加,但出现反转向下的熊市趋势的概率并不大。   贵金属价格与美股标普500指数的负相关性已经攀升至2015年4月以来最高位附近。笔者认为,一方面,市场对于中国经济放缓的悲观情绪明显过头了。众所周知,随着中国经济在全球经济增长中重要性进一步突显,中国因素在全球市场的影响力进一步提升。中国经济增速放缓的主要原因是从制造业向服务业的结构转型。中国制造业明显受制于全球需求疲软以及人民币相对于其他货币的强势,不过,中国服务业的兴起正对经济形成支撑。中国经济增长的向下通道在未来两年将继续下去,但没有理由对此感到恐慌,因为政策制定者既拥有充足的空间来支持经济增长,也可以释放新的增长动力。另一方面,美联储收紧货币政策将直接推升美元指数与美元资产的价值,这将促使国际资本加剧回流美国,从而支持美国股市。   另外,油价在过去20个月内从高位100美元 桶之上暴跌70%,且跌势仍没有停止。对各生产国的财政状况造成巨大压力。目前产油国增加了磋商的频率,石油出口大国俄罗斯和沙特阿拉伯2月16日同意冻结产量,但表示协议还要看其他产油国是否愿意加入。伊朗随后表示支持全球石油协议,但未做出具体承诺,伊拉克也没有承诺参与进去。笔者认为,俄罗斯和沙特的举措不太可能缓解原油市场过度饱和的现状。油价近期波动性明显加大,但预计进一步下跌空间有限。预计全球股市情况将持续改善,银价可能进一步下跌。   下跌风险依然存在   笔者认为,银价在避险情绪的助推下已经上涨接近两个月,因投资者担心过头,近期反弹并不合理。笔者预计市场的风险情绪将逐步消散,而银价除了避险情绪支撑之外,再无其他逻辑进行支撑。因此,银价后期的走势不容乐观,下跌风险依然存在。相关的主题文章:

到最后的结果就是 牛大丑

How much before tax can be paid after tax 10 thousand +? – Sohu financing this article from WeChat public number: money begets money, your monthly salary of over ten thousand? For many of the new workplace and in the non north, upper, wide, deep workplace people, monthly salary is still not available. "Monthly salary over 10000" is the work from quantity to quality flying, may also be an insurmountable gap between industries. How much before tax can you get 10000+ after tax? Speaking of 90s, a million households are very enviable to add, and now the workplace environment, there are a lot of white-collar workers, easy monthly salary of over 10000. Although we heard that a foreign company signed a monthly salary of 8 thousand, a Internet Co recruitment technology development monthly salary of more than 10 thousand, but after all, a monthly salary of 10000, for many workplace newcomers is difficult to accomplish overnight. An account balance, excluding five social insurance and one housing fund in Beijing to pay all the project pre tax salary for 15000 yuan, in Shanghai after five social insurance and one housing fund to 14000 yuan, in Guangzhou and Shenzhen people in the workplace need to pre tax wages in 16000 yuan to ensure that the monthly salary of 10000. So the salary before tax is not high enough, the monthly salary is only a few thousand dollars. If the monthly salary is less than ten thousand yuan is normal, then what kind of situation do you belong to? 1, work one or two years of workplace rookie, if you work at present only one year two, monthly salary in 5~8 thousand, in the North Guangzhou Shenzhen City, this is a normal salary, if you two or three line city may be lower wages. The new workplace is generally the first few years of the entry, companies are training your stage, belongs to the soldier level also can not afford to support life. Some people questioned: many large companies signed a monthly salary of more than 80 million, true, many companies value is the person’s comprehensive quality and learning ability, not that he can bring value and profits to the company. 2, frequent job hopping, cross industry job hopping, workplace professionals are particularly prone to impetuous. As a company in the grievance immediately quit, think you can not appreciate decisively under the leadership of a new job, to the final result is: what seems to have done, but what is not done, the development are not long depth where. In fact, in the first few years of work on their own not accurate judgments, not clear what they are good at doing, or what they want to do the people’s Congress, which is also a common problem of many young people. 3, you do not have the core competitiveness of the workplace, the core competitiveness is a unique individual ability, distinguish between others, and can make you irreplaceable in the workplace and strengths. For example, super cow technology research and development ability, rich network resources, programmers English best, PPT people, logical thinking super, etc., are regarded as your core competitiveness. 4, the industry salary is generally slower with the Internet and Internet plus momentum, many industries by emerging industries turned to traditional industries. The original spoke of the communications industry that monopoly industries pay high wages, but now there is no original years so beautiful; accounting and auditing industry no longer, the "big four" also was not so popular; energy mineral industries due to industrial restructuring, change

到底税前多少才能拿到税后1万+?-搜狐理财  本文转自微信公众号:钱生钱   你的月薪过万了吗?对于很多职场新人及在非北、上、广、深的职场人来讲,月薪过万仍不可及。“月薪过万”是工作中从量到质的飞越,也可能是行业间不可逾越的鸿沟。   到底税前多少才能拿到税后10000+?   说起90年代,一个万元户都非常令人羡慕有加,现在的职场环境中却有很多白领轻松月薪过万。虽然我们听说某外企签约应届生月薪8千,某互联网公司招技术开发月薪1万多,但毕竟月薪过万,对于很多职场新人很难一蹴而就的。   算一笔账,在北京扣除五险一金的全部缴纳项目税前工资需要15000元,在上海扣除五险一金要到14000元,在广州和深圳的职场人需要税前工资在16000元才能确保月薪破万。所以税前的工资不够高,月薪拿到手里当然只有几千块了。   如果月薪低于万元是常态,那么你属于哪一种情况?   1、工作一两年的职场菜鸟   如果你目前工作只有一年两,月薪在5~8千,在北上广深一线城市这个是再正常不过的薪资了,如果你再二三线城市可能薪资还会低一些。职场新人一般都是入职的头几年,公司都在培养和训练你的阶段,属于小兵级别还撑不起大场面。有人质疑:很多签约大公司的毕业生可以月薪过万,讲真,很多公司看重的是这个人的综合素质和学习能力,并不是他能给公司带来的价值和利润。   2、频繁跳槽 跨行业跳槽   职场新人特别容易出现的毛病就是浮躁。由于在一家公司受了点委屈就立刻跳槽,认为自己的才华不受领导赏识就果断另某高就,到最后的结果就是:好像什么都干过,但又什么都没干过,在哪里都没有长久纵深的发展。其实,在工作前几年对自己没有准确的判断,不清楚自己擅长做什么,或是自己想干什么的人大有人在,这也是很多年轻人的通病。   3、你本人不具备职场核心竞争力   核心竞争力是一种个人独特的能力,区别有他人,并且能够让你在职场中起到不可替代的有点和长处。比如超牛的技术研发能力、丰富的人脉资源、程序员里英语最好的、PPT达人、逻辑思维超强等,都算是你的核心竞争力。   4、所处行业涨薪普遍较慢   随着互联网和互联网+的势头,很多行业由原来的新兴产业变为了传统行业。原来讲到通讯行业都觉得垄断行业工资高,但现在的薪资也没有原来几年那么美好了;会计审计行业的风光不再,“四大”也没有原来那么受人追捧了;能源 矿产等行业由于产业转型,变成了赤果果的传统行业;更不用提那些事业单位和国企了,涨薪最重要的标准是熬年头,对月广大的基层员工来讲月薪过万当然遥遥无期   2016年要月薪过万,你需要知道这些   1、互联网和互联网+薪酬高,待遇好   自从李克强总理提出“互联网+”这一概念,互联网+注定成为了最近政策的趋势。政府越来越重视互联网行业及传统行业和互联网的融合,行业的发展肯定会需要更多的人才。并且互联网的技术岗位分分钟月薪过万,所谓水涨船高,互联网公司内容的其他支持性部门的薪资也是同行业的佼佼者,并且经常会有3-5个月年终奖,平均起来月薪过万很正常。   高级管理这一职业的薪酬位居榜首,高达17818元,其次是IT管理 项目协调,月薪为13401元,再次是证券 期货 投资管理 服务,平均月薪为10482元。高级管理、IT管理 项目协调和证券 期货 投资管理 服务这三大行业的共同特征在于对应聘者的专业、组织、领导、沟通等多方面的能力要求非常高,相应的,这些职位能够获得的薪酬回报也处于高位。   2、进入外企、上市公司,月薪过万也并不难   虽然最近几年外企受国内的民企冲击比较大,但俗话说“瘦死的骆驼比马大”,大多数外企在找寻自己和员工之间的平衡,薪酬福利待遇还依然比较稳固。另外,国内的各大上市公司的薪酬福利也在同行业中处于领先地位,建议大家在就业找工作时注意企业性质一项。   获得月薪过万的途径很多,选择进入高薪的行业和职业来实现薪资的提升,通过提高个人的能力来获得领导和公司的肯定,从此步步为营进入高薪阶层。职场里面不仅高实力说话,资历和人脉已经公司的属性也不可忽视。  相关的主题文章:

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