Takeaway platform faction fun trap development dilemma, burn subsidies or unsustainable 情定爱情公寓

Fun in the predicament of takeaway platform send burn subsidies or difficult to continue school fun depression takeaway platform development dilemma in Beijing daily news (reporter Liu Yibo Guo Shihui) recently, there is news that the delivery Crowdsourcing distribution service provider’s dada platform takeaway sent Wuhu, Ma’anshan area fun team has been disbanded, a substantial reduction in the amount of orders. Beijing Daily reporter sent by fun platform for businesses to understand, at the pleasure will still provide some subsidies, but the intensity and a far cry from the beginning of January. Previously, every single highest energy subsidies to about 50 percent off, now dada subsidies maintained at full 20 yuan minus 2 yuan "or" full 30 yuan minus 3 yuan, the remaining subsidies borne entirely by businesses. How much will the order affect after the subsidy is reduced?." So the businessman said. It is understood that the current platform distribution are fun sent from the dada dada, founder Philip Kuai has said publicly that the breakthrough is a takeaway, takeaway market because of the heat, the other is the major takeaway platform have started to self logistics. Dada, as a crowdsourcing distribution service provider in the takeaway industry, has been active in the B end market, turned to the C end, attracted the big takeaway platform ban". According to a person familiar with the matter, after dada launched the fun, many takeaway platforms and businesses signed the "exclusive agreement", and dada in order to quickly make up for its C end user defects, can only choose the way to burn subsidies. In addition, for many have the ability to own responsible for the distribution of businesses, more willing to be the key link of logistics in their own hands, to control the distribution of the quality of service, and sent joy only through dada distribution, resulting in the business resources is not dominant. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

外卖平台派乐趣陷发展困局 烧钱补贴或难以为继   外卖平台派乐趣陷发展困局   北京商报讯(记者 刘一博 郭诗卉)近日,有消息称,外卖众包配送服务商达达旗下的外卖平台派乐趣芜湖、马鞍山地区的团队已解散,订单量大幅缩减。   北京商报记者通过派乐趣平台商家了解到,目前派乐趣虽然仍会提供一定的补贴,但是力度与1月初相去甚远。此前,每单补贴最高能到5折左右,现在达达提供的补贴维持在“满20元减2元”或“满30元减3元”,其余补贴完全由商家自行承担。“补贴降低后,多少会影响到订单量。”该商家如是说。   据了解,目前派乐趣平台的配送均是由达达提供,达达创始人蒯佳祺曾公开表示,之所以切入外卖领域,一是因为目前外卖市场热,另一方面则是各大外卖平台都已经开始自建物流。   达达作为外卖行业的众包配送服务商,一直活跃在B端市场,转向C端后,招来了各大外卖平台的“封杀”。据一位知情人士透露,达达推出派乐趣后,许多外卖平台与商家签署了“排他协议”,而达达为了能够快速弥补其C端用户的缺陷,只能选择烧钱补贴的方式。此外,对于许多有能力自己负责配送的商家而言,更愿意将关键的物流环节掌握在自己手中,以控制配送环节的服务质量,而派乐趣只能通过达达配送,致使其在商家资源方面也不占优势。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

The State Council issued a document to strengthen the supervision of the tourism market boycott unre 国产女王调教夫妻奴

The State Council issued a document to strengthen the tourism market supervision: resist unreasonable low price tour of General Office of the State Council on strengthening the comprehensive supervision of the tourism market notice issued 2016 No. 5 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government, ministries and agencies directly under the State Council to implement the spirit of the party’s eighteen and eighteen sessions of the second, third and fourth, the fifth plenary session, in accordance with the deployment decisions of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, accelerate the establishment of clear responsibilities, strong law enforcement, code of conduct, to protect the tourism market comprehensive effective supervision mechanism, to further solve the disturbing the order of the tourist market, infringe the rights and interests of tourists and other outstanding issues, approved by the State Council, we will strengthen the related matters notice as follows: a comprehensive supervision of the tourism market in accordance with the law, implement the tourism market supervision responsibilities (a) to strengthen the government’s lead Guiding responsibility. The inter ministerial joint meeting of the Tourism Department of the State Council has set up a comprehensive supervision work group for the tourism market, which is headed by the National Tourism Administration to co-ordinate the guidance, coordination and supervision of the comprehensive supervision of the tourist market. The local people’s governments at all levels should establish and improve the comprehensive supervision mechanism of tourism comprehensive coordination, joint investigation of tourism cases and unified acceptance of tourism complaints, so as to co-ordinate the regulation of the tourism market order. To further implement the uncivilized behavior record system, vigorously create business integrity, fair competition, civilized and orderly tourism market environment, accelerate the tourism market comprehensive supervision pattern of the formation of the whole country. (two) to clarify the regulatory responsibilities of the relevant departments. In accordance with the principle of "territorial management, departmental linkage, industry self-discipline, perform their own duties and make concerted efforts", the effective coordination mechanism of tourism administrative departments for the law enforcement and complaint acceptance of tourism market is established, and the responsibilities of the relevant departments are clearly defined. The relevant departments should cooperate with the administrative departments of tourism to guide, coordinate, supervise and inspect the relevant industries. (three) implement the main responsibility of tourism enterprises. All tourism enterprises should actively regulate the service behavior in accordance with laws and regulations. Travel agencies should resolutely resist unreasonable illegal travel, forced consumption and other illegal activities. Online travel enterprises should abide by the rules of fair competition. Shopping shops should consciously resist commercial bribery. Hotels, scenic spots, transportation, catering and other enterprises to ensure the safety of tourists travel, improve service quality. The market participants should actively practice the core values of "tourists oriented and sincere service" in the tourism industry. They should be honest and trustworthy, courteous hospitality, and maintain the order of the tourism market, so that tourists can experience high-quality services. (four) give full play to the supervisory role of the public. We should give full play to the role of "12301" and other tourism service hotline and tourism complaint reporting network platform, and encourage all walks of life to actively provide all kinds of illegal behavior clues. Play the role of tourism service quality, social supervisors and tourism volunteers supervision, remind tourists abide by the Convention and behavior guidelines of tourism civilization, consciously boycott to participate in "unreasonable low price tour"". We should give full play to the self-discipline role of the tourism industry association, and guide the tourism operators to pay attention to quality and integrity. Strengthen media supervision, support media exposure, disrupt the order of tourism market typical events. Two. Innovate the comprehensive supervision mechanism of tourism market. (five) formulate tourism market theory

国务院发文加强旅游市场监管:抵制不合理低价游   国务院办公厅关于加强旅游市场综合监管的通知   国办发〔2016〕5号   各省、自治区、直辖市人民政府,国务院各部委、各直属机构:   为全面贯彻党的十八大和十八届二中、三中、四中、五中全会精神,按照党中央、国务院决策部署,加快建立权责明确、执法有力、行为规范、保障有效的旅游市场综合监管机制,进一步解决扰乱旅游市场秩序、侵害旅游者权益等突出问题,经国务院同意,现就加强旅游市场综合监管有关事项通知如下:   一、依法落实旅游市场监管责任   (一)强化政府的领导责任。国务院旅游工作部际联席会议下设旅游市场综合监管工作小组,由国家旅游局牵头负责统筹旅游市场综合监管的指导、协调、监督等工作。地方各级人民政府要建立健全旅游综合协调、旅游案件联合查办、旅游投诉统一受理等综合监管机制,统筹旅游市场秩序整治工作。要进一步落实游客不文明行为记录制度,大力营造诚信经营、公平竞争、文明有序的旅游市场环境,加快形成全国一盘棋的旅游市场综合监管格局。   (二)明确各相关部门的监管责任。按照“属地管理、部门联动、行业自律、各司其职、齐抓共管”的原则,建立旅游行政主管部门对旅游市场执法、投诉受理工作的有效协调机制,明确各相关部门责任。各有关部门配合旅游行政主管部门,做好相关行业指导、协调和督促检查工作。   (三)落实旅游企业的主体责任。各旅游企业要依照法律法规主动规范经营服务行为。旅行社要坚决抵制“不合理低价游”、强迫消费等违法行为。在线旅游企业要遵守公平竞争规则。购物店要自觉抵制商业贿赂。饭店、景区、交通、餐饮等企业要保障旅游者出游安全,提高服务品质。各市场主体要积极践行旅游行业“游客为本、服务至诚”的核心价值观,在旅游服务工作中诚实守信、礼貌待客,共同维护旅游市场秩序,让旅游者体验到优质服务。   (四)发挥社会公众的监督作用。要充分发挥“12301”等旅游服务热线和旅游投诉举报网络平台作用,鼓励社会各界积极提供各类违法违规行为线索。发挥旅游服务质量社会监督员和旅游志愿者的监督作用,提醒旅游者遵守旅游文明行为公约和行为指南,自觉抵制参加“不合理低价游”。要充分发挥旅游行业协会的自律作用,引导旅游经营者注重质量和诚信。强化媒体的舆论监督,支持媒体曝光扰乱旅游市场秩序的典型事件。   二、创新旅游市场综合监管机制   (五)制定旅游市场综合监管责任清单。各地区、各有关部门要尽快制定旅游市场综合监管责任清单,通过政府公告、政府网站、公开通报等方式,向社会公开旅游部门及相关部门职能、法律依据、实施主体、执法权限、监督方式等事项,加强部门间对旅游市场违法违规行为的信息沟通,强化联合执法协调监管的相关工作机制,提升综合监管效率和治理效果。   旅游部门:依法承担规范旅游市场秩序、监督管理服务质量、维护旅游消费者和经营者合法权益的责任;负责牵头组织对旅游市场秩序的整治工作;负责对组织“不合理低价游”、强迫和变相强迫消费、违反旅游合同等违法违规行为的监管和查处;负责联合相关部门组织查处“黑社”、“黑导”等非法经营行为;主动配合参与打击涉及旅游行业的“黑车”、“黑店”等非法经营行为;负责对涉及其他职能部门职责的投诉及案件进行转办等。   公安部门:依法严厉打击在旅游景区、旅游交通站点等侵害旅游者权益的违法犯罪团伙,及时查处强迫消费、敲诈勒索等违法犯罪行为等。   工商部门:依法查处旅游市场中的虚假广告、虚假或者引人误解的宣传、销售假冒伪劣商品、利用合同格式条款侵害消费者合法权益、垄断行为(价格垄断行为除外)、商业贿赂等不正当竞争行为及其他违法违规行为等。   交通运输部门:负责道路、水路运输市场监管,依法查处违法违规行为;负责对交通运输部门在管养公路沿线范围内依法设置的景区、景点指示牌被遮挡的投诉处理等。   文化部门:负责对旅游演出、娱乐场所文化经营活动等方面的投诉处理和案件查处等。   税务部门:依法承担组织实施法律法规规定的税、费征收管理责任,力争税款应收尽收;依照法定职权和程序对从事旅游市场经营的纳税人偷逃税款、虚开发票等税收违法行为严厉查处,涉嫌犯罪的依法移送司法机关处理等。   质检部门:依法对旅游场所大型游乐设施、客运索道等特种设备实施安全监察,对涉及特种设备安全的投诉举报及违法违规行为进行调查处理等。   价格主管部门:负责旅游市场价格行为监管,严肃查处旅游行业经营者不执行政府定价和政府指导价、不按规定明码标价、欺诈宰客、低价倾销,以及达成垄断协议、滥用市场支配地位等问题。充分发挥“12358”价格举报系统的作用,依法受理游客对价格违法行为的投诉举报,切实保护消费者合法权益,整顿规范旅游市场价格秩序等。   商务部门:发挥打击侵犯知识产权和制售假冒伪劣商品工作领导小组办公室的职能作用,协调有关成员单位,针对旅游纪念品市场侵权假冒问题,加大市场监管力度,维护消费者合法权益等。   通信主管部门:依法对电信和互联网等信息通信服务实行监管,承担互联网行业管理责任;督促电信企业和旅游互联网企业落实网络与信息安全管理责任,配合开展在线旅游网络环境和信息治理,配合处理网上虚假旅游广告信息等。   网信部门(互联网信息办公室):依法清理网上虚假旅游信息,查处发布各类误导、欺诈消费者等虚假旅游信息的违法违规网站和账号等。   民航部门:依法承担航空运输和通用航空市场监管责任;依法查处民用航空企业侵害航空消费者权益的行为,维护旅游者机票退改签的合法权益;配合旅游部门共同治理旅游不文明行为等。   (六)完善旅游法律规范体系。及时修订《旅行社条例》、《导游人员管理条例》、《中国公民出国旅游管理办法》等法规、规章和规范性文件。完善《中华人民共和国旅游法》配套制度,针对在线旅游、邮轮旅游、露营地旅游等新情况,出台具有针对性的管理规范。探索建立综合监管机构法律顾问、第三方评价等制度。   (七)健全完善旅游市场监管标准。全面推进旅游业国家标准、行业标准和地方标准的制定修订工作,尽快编制《全国旅游标准化发展规划(2016―2020年)》,建立涵盖旅游要素各领域的旅游标准体系。加快旅游新业态、新产品管理服务标准的制定,使标准化工作适应旅游监管的新要求。持续推进旅游标准化试点工作,全面提升旅游企业和从业人员的管理和服务水平。探索建立旅游标准化管理与旅游市场准入、退出相结合的制度。   (八)推进旅游市场监管随机抽查。各有关部门在各自职责范围内,规范相关市场秩序执法检查工作,提高监管效能。要配合旅游部门建立旅游市场主体分类名录库和旅游市场主体异常对象名录库,将行业市场秩序监管与各部门诚信体系建设、全国旅游市场秩序综合水平指数等工作结合起来,及时公布相关市场秩序监管情况。综合运用行政处罚、信用惩戒等措施,加大对违法失信行为的惩处力度,强化随机抽查威慑力,引导相关市场主体自觉守法。   (九)建立健全旅游诚信体系。加快建立旅游行业失信惩戒制度,建立旅游信用信息公示制度,将旅游经营服务不良信息记录与企业信用信息公示系统对接,将旅游行政主管部门对旅游企业作出的行政许可准予、变更、延续信息和行政处罚信息在企业信用信息公示系统上公示,定期公布违法违规旅游经营者和从业人员旅游经营服务不良信息记录;依托全国统一的信用信息共享交换平台,加强信息互通,建立失信企业协同监管和联合惩戒机制,使旅游失信行为人付出巨大代价。   (十)推进综合监管体制改革试点。要根据深化行政管理体制改革的精神,创新执法形式和管理机制,加快理顺旅游执法机构与政府职能部门职责关系,在2016年底前将旅游市场执法列入综合行政执法体制改革试点。   (十一)加强执法与司法相衔接。加强相关部门间的执法协作,建立旅游市场执法机构与公安机关案情通报机制,及时查处侵害旅游者权益的违法犯罪行为。主动引导旅游者通过司法、人民调解等途径解决纠纷,提升旅游者依法维权、理性消费的能力。   三、全面提高旅游市场综合监管水平   (十二)加强《中华人民共和国旅游法》普法工作。各地区、各有关部门应加强《中华人民共和国旅游法》等法律法规普法宣传教育,加强对旅游市场综合监管人员的法律法规和执法程序培训,加大对旅游从业人员的依法经营培训力度,使其准确把握法律法规主要内容,牢固树立依法兴旅、依法治旅的观念和意识,提醒广大旅游者理性消费、文明出游。   (十三)加强对旅游市场综合监管的监督。各地区、各有关部门要将旅游市场秩序整治和服务质量提升工作纳入政府质量工作考核。对接到旅游投诉举报查处不及时、不依法对旅游违法行为实施处罚的,对涉嫌犯罪案件不移送的,以及在履行监督管理职责中滥用职权、玩忽职守、徇私舞弊的,要依法依纪追究有关单位和人员的责任;构成犯罪的,依法追究刑事责任。   (十四)严格规范旅游执法行为。各地区、各有关部门要建立健全旅游市场综合监管的长效机制,对重大处罚决定建立合法性审查机制,对旅游执法裁量权要有基准制度,进一步细化、量化行政裁量标准,合理规范裁量种类、幅度。对影响旅游市场秩序的重大事件要实行督办问责制度。   四、提高旅游市场综合监管保障能力   (十五)健全旅游市场综合监管协调机构。建立健全旅游执法机构,强化旅游质监执法队伍建设,承担全面受理旅游投诉、开展旅游服务质量现场检查和旅游行政执法工作。国家旅游局负责指定机构统一受理全国旅游投诉工作,向社会公开投诉电话,承担向有关部门或地方政府转办、跟踪、协调、督办旅游投诉处理情况的职责。各级政府要在2016年底前建立或指定统一的旅游投诉受理机构,实现机构到位、职能到位、编制到位、人员到位,根治旅游投诉渠道不畅通、互相推诿、拖延扯皮等问题。   (十六)加强旅游市场综合监管基础保障。各级政府要积极做好执法经费保障工作。利用旅游大数据开展旅游市场舆情监测分析工作,提升统计分析旅游投诉举报案件数据的水平。建立旅游市场综合监管过程记录制度,切实做到严格执法、科学执法、文明执法。   (十七)提升旅游市场综合监管能力。地方各级人民政府要加强对基层旅游市场综合监管人员的培训。所有旅游市场综合执法人员须经执法资格培训考试合格后方可执证上岗,全面提高执法能力和水平。   各地区、各有关部门要充分认识进一步加强旅游市场综合监管的重要意义,切实强化组织领导,积极抓好工作落实。国家旅游局要会同有关部门加强对本通知落实情况的监督检查,重大情况及时向国务院报告。   国务院办公厅   2016年2月4日   (此件公开发布) 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

depending on other major oil producing countries are to follow up. Analysts point out that there are many problems in the freeze production plan 长江大学地球科学学院

International oil prices fell 16 days, Brent crude oil futures prices fell 3.62%-, Sohu financial Xinhua news agency, New York, February 16, part of the oil producing countries decided to freeze production is lower than the market expectations, international oil prices fell 16 days. Russian oil exporters, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela and Qatar agreed to freeze oil production on 16 days and agreed to freeze oil production at the level of January this year. However, Qatar’s energy and Industry Minister Sardar said the agreement would be implemented, depending on other major oil producing countries are to follow up. Analysts point out that there are many problems in the freeze production plan, on the one hand, Russia and Saudi Arabia’s crude oil production has been at a historical high. On the other hand, oil producing countries, including Iran, are still planning to expand production capacity, which means it is difficult for the oil producing countries to decide on coordinated production. By the end of the day, the New York Mercantile Exchange in March delivered light oil futures prices fell 0.4 U.S. dollars, to close at 29.04 U.S. dollars a barrel, down 1.36%. London crude oil futures for April delivery fell $1.21 to $32.18 a barrel, down 3.62%.

国际油价16日回落 布伦特原油期货价格大跌3.62%-搜狐财经   新华社纽约2月16日电 部分产油国冻结产量的决定低于市场预期,国际油价16日回落。   石油出口大国俄罗斯、沙特阿拉伯、委内瑞拉和卡塔尔16日就冻结石油产量达成共识,同意将石油产量冻结在今年1月的水平。不过,卡塔尔能源和工业大臣萨达表示,这一协议能否执行,取决于其他主要产油国是否跟进。   分析人士指出,冻结产量计划有很多问题,一方面俄罗斯和沙特两国的原油产量已经处于历史高点。另一方面,包括伊朗在内的产油国仍计划扩大产能,这意味着各产油国协同限产的决定难以达成。   截至当日收盘时,纽约商品交易所3月交货的轻质原油期货价格下跌0.4美元,收于每桶29.04美元,跌幅为1.36%。4月交货的伦敦布伦特原油期货价格下跌1.21美元,收于每桶32.18美元,跌幅为3.62%。相关的主题文章:

亿滋的成本削减计划还将继续 河北经贸大学学位办

Million AIDS factory layoffs is still a loss which owns brands such as Oreo Fun Factory layoffs in the fourth quarter of 2015 million AIDS is still a loss of Beijing daily news (reporter Qian Yu Aruhan) food giant million AIDS over the past year the day is not easy. The day before the company announced last year in the fourth quarter results, million AIDS in 2015 four quarter loss of $729 million, compared with the same period last year profit of $500 million, the decline reached 245.8%, to restore the loss of million AIDS cost cuts will continue. (Note: Sina Finance million AIDS Chinese owns Oreo, Youguan, interesting, fun, peace, joy, and Prince yikoulian, s, Xuan Mai, Maxwell Tang coffee and other brands.) According to the company’s earnings report, billion in the fourth quarter of 2015 revenue fell 17% to 7 billion 360 million U.S. dollars, although there is a decline, but higher than the previous expected $7 billion 270 million. Among them, the adverse exchange rate fluctuations led to a decrease of 11 percentage points in revenue. Subregionally, the fourth quarter of last year, only Latin American and North American market million AIDS operating income of the 1.5% and 2.1% rose, and three in the Asia Pacific region, Europe and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa regions showed revenues fell year-on-year decline of 5.5%, including the emergence Chinese market, Asia Pacific area. Last year, the market news in China continued, because of the product line adjustment, there has been layoffs in the Chinese market behavior. The explanation of this action is that the company is optimizing and adjusting the business model so as to better invest the resources in brand growth and meet the needs of consumers. In the adjustment of products also can see million AIDS being put into action, for example, in July the introduction of chewing gum brand "global well-known Trident China in Qing Dynasty to" market positioning, through differentiation to create second step Hyun; in addition, in September last year launched in the market China breakfast cake baking, the Nuggets China breakfast market. "Million AIDS good category has lost the strong growth momentum in the China market, in addition to the fierce competition between brands, can replace the products constantly, also influence the consumers for the biscuit product favorability, had also to Zi million star brand Oreo and I love my under stimulates investment, but little effect, so the million AIDS shifted to the growth potential of the chewing gum, breakfast cake and other fields." An unnamed industry analyst said. "Downsizing" and "plate adjustment" implemented in China and other markets have begun to show effect. The company’s earnings also revealed that in 2015 from the perspective of the whole year, net profit reached $7 billion 267 million, million, up 232.7% over the same period last year, million AIDS said this, despite the sharp fluctuations in the macroeconomic environment, the company’s performance in 2015 but still ten strong measures to reduce costs has played a certain effect. Based on the above "downsizing" effect, the unnamed analysts said that in 2016, the business adjustment plan will continue, the big action in the Chinese market still can be discussed

亿滋关厂裁员仍亏损 旗下拥有奥利奥趣多多等品牌   关厂裁员徒劳 亿滋2015年四季度仍亏损   北京商报讯(记者 钱瑜 阿茹汗)食品巨头亿滋过去一年的日子并不好过。日前该公司公布的去年四季度财报显示,亿滋2015年四季度亏损7.29亿美元,与上年同期盈利5亿美元相比,下滑幅度达到了245.8%,为挽回亏损,亿滋的成本削减计划还将继续。(新浪财经注:亿滋中国旗下拥有奥利奥、趣多多、优冠、闲趣、王子、太平、乐之、怡口莲、荷氏、炫迈、麦斯威尔咖啡和菓珍等多个品牌。)   根据该公司的财报,亿滋2015年四季度的营业收入下滑17%至73.6亿美元,虽有下滑,但是高于此前预期的72.7亿美元。其中,不利的汇率波动导致营收下降11个百分点。分区域来看,去年四季度只有拉丁美洲和北美的市场亿滋的营业收入出现了1.5%和2.1%的同比上涨,而亚太地区、欧洲以及东欧、中东和非洲三个大区域均出现了营收的同比下滑,其中包括中国市场在内的亚太地区出现同比5.5%的下滑。   去年亿滋在中国市场新闻不断,由于对于产品线进行调整,出现了对中国市场裁员的行为。亿滋对于这一动作的解释是,该公司正在进行业务模式的优化和调整,以更好地将资源投资于品牌增长和满足消费者的需求。   在产品调整方面也能够看出亿滋正在付诸行动,例如于7月在中国市场引进全球知名的口香糖品牌“Trident清至”,通过差异化的定位来创造第二个炫迈;另外,去年9月在中国市场推出烘焙早餐饼,以此掘金中国的早餐市场。“亿滋所擅长的饼干品类在中国市场已经失去强劲的增长动力,除了品牌之间的激烈竞争之外,可代替产品的不断出现,也影响了消费者对于饼干类产品的好感度,此前亿滋也对旗下明星品牌奥利奥和趣多多进行过刺激性投资,但是效果甚微,因此亿滋将重心转移到了增长潜力较大的口香糖、早餐饼等其他领域。”某不具名行业分析师如是表示。   亿滋在中国等市场实施的“瘦身”以及板块调整计划已开始显现出效果。该公司的财报也进一步显示,从全年角度来看,2015年,亿滋的净利润达到72.67亿美元,比去年同期上升了232.7%,亿滋方面对此表示,尽管宏观经济环境剧烈波动,但是2015年该公司的业绩仍然十分强劲,降低成本的措施已经起到了一定效果。   基于上述“瘦身”效果,上述不具名分析人士表示,2016年亿滋的业务板块调整计划也将持续,中国市场上的大动作仍然可期,例如会将国外市场成熟度高的产品继续引进中国市场,并会继续弱化在中国市场表现不佳的产品线。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

oil prices will fall further in the Midwest 贱妇汤加丽小说

The danger signal: Cushing oil storage space nearly exhausted the famous American energy information supply and data analysis firms Genscape report "situation" in the global oil market covers the core issues of concern to the market in the market, for the issue of inventory, the report said, U.S. crude oil inventories are close to the critical value, according to 19 data released in the United States EIA crude oil inventories last week increased to 50 million 410 thousand barrels, refresh the historical record, compared with the same period last year increased 18%. Crude oil inventories in Cushing, the main delivery site of US crude oil futures in Oklahoma, hit a record high of 64 million 700 thousand barrels last month in Cushing last month. Genscape said that the Cushing area oil storage equipment is almost full load operation state, the utilization rate is about 80%, if the current speed expansion, the remaining storage space will be exhausted after 4-5 months. The U.S. EIA refinery equipment utilization rate has climbed to 88.3% in February 12th. The size of oil inventories in the United States and oil prices are the opposite: Although the Midwest crude oil inventories increased by 2 million 250 thousand barrels last week, to 155 million barrels a record high level. But in the hub area, Cushing’s inventory increased by only 36 thousand barrels. This means that Cushing has consistently rejected requests to increase storage facilities. Damien Courvalin, an analyst at Goldman Sachs, warned in the 17 issue of the research report that the short-term risk of crude oil inventories in the Midwest of the United States is extremely high: large scale crude oil and finished product oil storage have made the utilization of storage equipment in central and western regions close to the highest level in history. Despite the recent central region should help reduce refining margins of refined oil storage space to avoid breaking the limit, but with the final product oil loss occurred, this would probably result in the next few months, crude oil inventories accelerated growth, oil prices will fall further in the Midwest, inventory growth will spread to the Mexico Bay area. Further decline in oil demand or exports, or higher storage profits, or eventually rebound crude oil imports or production will lead to more storage space, which will stimulate oil prices to further decline, resulting in the central region and Canada to reduce production. As we have said before, this persistent stock shortage problem should exacerbate the volatility of oil prices and storage profits. However, the problem of storage space has not deteriorated to the point of despair. There’s still a glimmer of hope: there’s plenty of free space from Cushing to the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. Crude oil market is under the dual pressure of both supply side and demand side. EIA expects oil production in the Gulf of Mexico will increase by 1 million 790 thousand barrels per day in 2017, even though oil prices are still low, reaching 1 million 900 thousand barrels a day in December, hitting a record high. The region’s output will account for 18% and 21% of the total US output in 2016 and 2017, respectively. EIA data show that the demand for crude oil in the United States is rapidly declining. The figure below is the distillate fuel oil market theory

油价的危险信号:库欣储油空间接近耗尽   美国知名能源信息供应及数据分析公司Genscape在市场报告《全球原油市场现状》中覆盖了市场关心的核心问题,对于库存这一焦点问题,该报告称,美国原油库存正接近临界值,   根据19日公布的数据,美国EIA原油库存上周增至5041万桶,刷新历史最高记录,较去年同期大增18%。   位于俄克拉荷马州的美国原油期货主要交割地库欣(Cushing)原油库存则在上个月触及6470万桶的记录高位。   Genscape表示,库欣地区储油设备几乎是满负荷运营状态,利用率约为80%,若以当前速度扩增,则剩余存储空间将在4-5个月之后耗尽。而美国2月12日当周EIA精炼厂设备利用率也已经攀升至88.3%。 美国原油库存规模和油价走势恰好相反:   尽管美国中西部地区整体原油库存上周增加了225万桶,至1.55亿桶的记录新高水平。但其中,枢纽地区库欣的库存仅增加了3.6万桶。这意味着,库欣一如既往地拒绝了增加存储设施的请求。   高盛分析师Damien Courvalin在17日发布的研报中警告称,美国中西部地区原油库存问题短期风险极高: 大规模的原油和成品油库存已经令中西部地区的存储设备利用率接近历史最高水平。尽管近期中部地区炼油利润减少应当会帮助避免成品油存储空间突破极 限,但随着成品油最终发生亏损,这很可能只会导致未来几个月原油库存加速增长,中西部地区油价将因此进一步走低,库存增长态势将蔓延到墨西哥湾岸区。 进一步下滑的成品油需求或出口,或者更高的存储利润,或者最终反弹的原油进口或生产会导致存储空间更加紧俏,这将刺激油价进一步走低,继而导致中部地区和加拿大削减产量。正如我们此前所表示的,这种持续的库存紧张问题应当会加剧油价和存储利润的波动。   不过,存储空间问题也并没有恶化到令人绝望的地步。事情还存在一丝希望:从库欣到墨西哥湾海岸沿线还有很多空闲的管道空间。   原油市场目前处于供应端和需求端的双重压力之下。EIA预计,尽管油价仍处于低位,但美国墨西哥湾原油产量2017年日均将增加179万桶,在当年 12月达到每天190万桶,触及记录新高。该地区产量在全美总产量中的占比将在2016年和2017年分别达到18%和21%。   EIA提供的数据显示,美国原油需求正快速下滑。下图为美国馏分燃料油(distillate fuel oil)市场供应情况: 那么,假设美国原油库存空间真的耗尽,会发生什么情景呢?   大量无处可去的原油可能进一步压低现货价格,WTI原油期货期货升水(contango)曲线可能进一步陡峭。   此外,对于库欣地区满溢的储油设施问题,解决方案可能并非来自于解决存储能力方面,而是在原油生产方面。目前较低的油价可能已经在部分生产商的成本 线之下,且有可能进一步走低。而存储空间约紧张,相关存储费用就将飞涨。最简单的解决办法就是暂停油井运营。一旦价格反弹或者存储状况好转,页岩油生产商 可以很快回归市场。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

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