Cameroon train derailment caused nearly 700 casualties (Figure) in October 21st, Cameroon eseka, people evacuated from the train derailment accident scene. Original title: Cameroon train derailment accident death toll rose to 70 in October 22, Xinhua news agency, Yaounde (reporter Huang Yanan) 21 occurred in the train derailment accident eseka central Cameroon region has killed at least 70 people were killed and 600 injured.   Cameroon President Paul Biya · 22 in the social media face book said, a train derailment killed at least 70 people were killed, and another 600 people were injured, he expressed condolences to the accident victims.   Shakespeare asked the government to take all measures to help the victims of the accident, and ordered the relevant departments to investigate the cause of the accident.   Shakespeare also announced the same day the 24 national day of mourning, when the Cameroon national and overseas institutions will be lowered to half mast.   a passenger train from Yaounde to the capital of the economic capital Douala 21 in eseka derailment accident. Rescue workers are still looking for victims at the scene of the accident. All the injured have been taken to hospital for treatment. (end)  相关的主题文章: