Buy a beggar to buy a car, in fact, it is not difficult to change a large screen – Sohu is now the city’s urban life, around the 3 screen turn. Mobile phone screen, computer screen is also the car screen. Mobile phone screen is more and more big, big to a palm cover; computer screen and small, small enough to fit inside a room. Car screen manufacturers are spending their minds, to discuss consumer favor (increase) means. However, when you buy a car to buy a beggar version, the big screen can only be someone else’s big screen. However, want to get a big screen, is actually very simple, the Internet — to fit models — pick a love brand — looking for roadside repair brother, broken line or broken line, call it a day. Who says this is a beggar?! Function is not like the original factory some more. Of course, there are some small details to be careful. At present, the more common means is to replace the original car configuration with a large screen third party. The original car radio, CD removed, on board with DVD, with the function of navigation. It is usually a special car design, the power plug, audio line will be completely inserted with the original car, does not change the original car any lines, and the appearance and size of the original car with a unified style. In this reminder, as far as possible to choose not to plug the broken line, or after the road will be a pain in the hearts of obsessive-compulsive disorder. Different brands of different types of navigation has the function is different, but the basic support for navigation, reversing image, reversing trajectory, Bluetooth, USB these functions. Part of the brand model to support the installation of radar access interface, panoramic camera interface, etc.. Imitation of the original factory with models of style, uniform appearance. How to choose the screen to see the brand: big brand trustworthy, whether it is product quality or after-sales service are guaranteed, we can view the sales list on the internet. It should be noted that you have to choose the brand must have your car model, this is very important, you must carefully ask the salesperson before buying. Look at the type: the current car screen has a capacitive screen and resistive screen two. The advantages of capacitive screen is relatively sensitive to sensing, you can support multi touch, you can see clearly under the strong light, but the cost is relatively high, the price is relatively expensive. The disadvantage is finger operation only, affected by environments, such as high temperature and humid environment will reduce the sensitivity; advantages of resistive screen is less affected by the environment, the cost is relatively low, you can wear gloves, can also use the stylus operation, but the sensitivity is relatively low, reflecting large, more laborious operation. Look at the size: currently on the market mainstream products screen size from 4.3 inches to 7 inches, are used in the design of 16:9 screen size, screen size has a strong effect to our users in the actual operation experience, on the one hand also affect our actual driving sight, the driver is the most direct navigation screen size the impact of the acquisition of navigation information. When the navigation map size is enlarged to the same extent, different screen sizes display map navigator, size is the same, because the screen size is different, so the font size and picture display fine degree is different. Note 1, in US)相关的主题文章: