Parenting The Boy Scouts of America are celebrating their 100 year anniversary this year and they are as valued of an organization now as they ever were. Kids today deal with issues and a speed of life that was unheard of even 10 or 15 years ago. Organizations like the Boy Scouts helps boost self-esteem which is critical in helping kids cope with the world today. Here are four ways they do it. Social growth. Pack and troop meetings and activities give kids a safe place to interact, learn, play and adventure. Being with like-minded kids helps even the shyest boy come out of his shell to participate. Troops across the nation do field trips such as visiting nursing homes every year. Boys in these troops will be responsible for assisting in the planning of these visits and will do everything from creating crafts with residents to serving them dinner. Learning to communicate and socialize with different types of people is a natural result of participating in the many scouting activities, and a huge benefit in a boys development. Leadership opportunities. Scouting has always focused on creating opportunities for boys to develop their leadership skills. Scouts work with adults as partners, but many activities are led directly by elected youth officers. Troop Leadership Training is a program for these youth leaders and is specifically designed to introduce the youngster to leadership while fostering skills necessary to be an effective leader. Scouts as young as 10 years old can participate in this program and there are many other levels of training available as a boy progresses. Cooperative activities. Boy scouts learn early on that cooperation is a major key to success. It doesnt take a kid long to learn that its faster to pitch a tent if you have a partner helping you. But, their experience doesnt stop there. Troops often plan their own meals while at camp and that requires organization, cooperation, creativity and plenty of communication. Everyone needs to pitch in at all troop activities which is valuable at teaching the importance of cooperation. Acknowledgement. Merit badges and ceremony have become synonymous with scouting and there is good reason. Attaining a merit badge involves a commitment by the scout and its accomplishment is rewarded. Gaining badges and advancing through the various scouting programs is key in the Boy Scouts goals of encouraging positive character development. The ceremonies around advancing from one level to another are important moments of growth in a boys life. Its a time when kids get to be acknowledged for their accomplishments and get to celebrate accomplishing goals. Every adult who participated in scouts can remember the pride they felt at these ceremonies, and its still the same today. Boys from every corner of this country and from every walk of life can benefit from the self-esteem boosting activities that Boy Scouts offers. Its fun, educational, builds character and is an organization that has 100 years of positive impact and is still going strong. About the Author: Brian Kasal attained Eagle Scout status and has been involved in the Boy Scouts of America organization a majority of his life, including spending over 15 years as a volunteer Chicago Scoutmaster. His own life and career have been positively impacted by the BSA and he was eager to give back and help kids in Chicago experience the same benefits. Find out more at Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: