BMW will launch iNext fuel and fuel cell version of the cost reduction of local time on October 22nd, the German manager magazine reported that BMW will be based on the development of iNext models fuel and fuel cell version of the car. BMW chairman Klug (Harald Krü GER) hopes to reduce production costs. It is reported that BMW expects the demand for electric vehicles will be a substantial increase in 2023. By then, BMW special development of the new production platform will be put into use, the platform for the production of different models of new vehicles, electric vehicles, fuel vehicles and fuel cell vehicles using the same production platform. BMW hopes to be able to meet the requirements of the EU in 2025 to achieve sales of electric vehicles accounted for 25% of total sales. If you can not achieve, BMW automobile emissions will exceed EU regulations, facing high fines. According to Klug, the electric car company is still a serious loss of the automotive sector, relying entirely on the profits of fuel vehicles to support. I series BMW has invested billions of euros. German car weekly is expected, BMW electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles this year, sales will be doubled last year. Keluge since May 2015 as chairman of BMW. Just took office, his management style was criticized within the group and the industry, that he blindly compromise, unable to make a decision. As time went on, he changed his management style. Klug stressed that each new strategy must be discussed in depth, this can lay the foundation for success. But he also said: "I have the final decision". Keluge for the first time to respond to their own health problems: "I allow myself to enjoy some rest time, in order to better accomplish important tasks". At the 2015 auto show, she pulled out of the show.相关的主题文章: