Big shake! App Store in October under the framework of nearly 50 thousand applications of game than the major after the Apple Corp announced in September will begin to "remove the problem and has been abandoned by" to clean up the App Store app store, the latest data show that the company is to fulfill this commitment, last month removed the application of surge of about 238%. App Store in October under the framework of nearly 50 thousand Applied Research Corp Sensor Tower released data that in October the Apple Corp removed 47 thousand and 300 months compared with the application, the company announced the plan before the monthly average number of applications more than 3.4 times removed. Statistics data show that in the removed game application, the proportion of about 28%, but there is no indication that application of a large proportion of the considered application has been abandoned and failed to meet the guiding principles of the application of App Store. When the Apple Corp announced on September that the new plan, the company issued a warning to application developers, and gives a 30 day grace period for developers to submit to the old application updates, so as to avoid the application has been removed. It is not clear what kind of applications Apple Corp will be deemed to have been abandoned application, but it is likely that those who do not support the latest iOS operating system and iPhone applications. According to the latest guidelines for App Store, Apple Corp recommends developers to remove applications that are no longer updated and upgraded. To a large number of flappy bird derived the game Apple Corp is to help users avoid those who violate the guiding principles of the application of App Store or is unable to provide the ideal experience obsolete applications, the total number of applications on App Store should not have much impact, the reason is that although the company in October to remove nearly 50 thousand applications, but now there is still a week to 100 thousand, and the total available App Store application also has been maintained at more than 2 million. (source: 3DM editor: BZ) Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: