Bicycle sharing by capital crazy enchantments: needs are not mature business model has been questioned: sharing blessing capital crazy bicycle where to go? Reporter Shen Junhan reported in Beijing Mobell review and ofo project cycle, whether it is a new batch of "four Chiam too"? How much do you need to share your bike? Why is it willing to throw a heavy weight in this area? Although the v-mobile bike is currently only in Shanghai, Beijing and a few other city delivery, ofo also just from the campus into the public market market share, cycling class entrepreneurial projects but they represent, in the short term capital caused a lot of crazy blessing. The degree of luxury lineup of investors, the comparable year taxi market. October 10th, ofo announced the completion of a $130 million C round of financing, including the $two C1 round of strategic investment and the new round of C2 round of financing billions of dollars a few weeks ago. C2 round of financing by the U.S. hedge fund Coatue, millet, CITIC Industrial Fund collar vote, Jing Yuan capital, Russian investor Yuri Milner, Jingwei Chinese Jinsha River venture capital institutions with investment, etc.. Tit for tat, in October 13th announced the completion of the v-mobile cycling the latest round of financing. Investors include Hillhouse capital, Warburg Pincus, Tencent, Sequoia Capital, Qiming venture capital, Bertelsmann, pleasure, panda capital, Cheung Fung investment and Innovation workshop and a number of investment institutions. This round of financing has also been the founder of the u.s.. Earlier in October 7th, Xiaoming cycling announced the completion of one hundred million yuan A round of financing, led Party voted for the bicycle brand Kai Lushi chairman Deng Yonghao, shareholders of some listed companies with investment. Mobell bikes and ofo in the year of August and September, have received a large financing. Xiaoming cycling A round of financing from the last round of angel round of financing, it is only in the past several days. Huge and rapid financing, so that the market is still in the early cycle of cycling, quickly won the heat. In the field of education and learning, the phenomenon of "four aunt too much effect" is becoming the focus of debate: the strategy and effect of allocating resources by adjusting the default to attract attention. (movie "raise the red lantern", four Chiam too in order to compete, pretending to be pregnant. The count is four Chiam too, though pretending to be pregnant, but because the Lord attracted more attention, there will be more chance of pregnancy, a long time, "false becomes true". This is also known as the "four aunt too effect." In the field of venture capital does not exclude the existence of this phenomenon: a few startups through speculation, draw pie, to attract the attention and support of top professionals, venture capital funds and resources. So, the subsequent financing and operation can get more attention, for such projects, even if the initial valuation bubble exists, the latter can be gradually solid. Then, v-mobile cycling and ofo project, is a new batch of "four Chiam too"? How much do you need to share your bike? Why is it willing to throw a heavy weight in this area? The shortage of capital under the project "looting on the market the project is too small, so to see a good theory相关的主题文章: