Beware of fraud! Many people see printed with their head of the warrant in September 18th, Ms. Lin received a phone call 2622888 in Xiangcheng District of Zhangzhou City, claiming the Zhangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau police, with its identity card information theft involving money laundering need to cooperate with the Fuzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau of investigation on the grounds, will call to Fuzhou City Public Security Bureau police detachment. After the Fuzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau police detachment Wang police on the phone for Ms. Lin made a phone call, and inform the Procuratorate’s website, so she wanted to check the order. Ms. Lin login Wang police provide the site after a scare…… Alert: 2622888 Department of Zhangzhou City Public Security Bureau of the phone, but the phone can only answer, not dial, if received a phone call of 2622888, is certainly a fraud! There is the case number, seal, signature name, identity card number, and even the head is my ID card photo…… Ms. Lin confound, made contact with the Fuzhou City Public Security Bureau police officer Wang ", and in accordance with the" king of police instructions, what all don’t say the family asked, the first time rushed to the bank ATM machine "capital queries", to prove innocence. "Capital query" is a "live" ATM and the screen is actually english! And this operation, the bad event, more than 2 Yuan Lin card just being transferred. And there’s a warrant…… This is also the "prevention and control of money laundering Ordinance" – to forgive the short message, only heard the "Anti Money Laundering Law of People’s Republic of China"…… "The purpose shall prepare all property data to prove" – small vertigo? "Criminal arrest warrant on actually typos…… "Financial regulations thirty-ninth" – you have to determine the "financial law" of the law…… Why the fifth periods are not even at the end of the sentence? Forget to play up…… The Criminal Investigation Brigade economic investigation department…… Do you see the liar brother, Hong Kong is too much? There are 1 words, sister Cagney and Lacey all through the telephone handling, by telephone to inform you, the requirements to verify the transfer of public security personnel are liars. 2, to visit the so-called public security, procuratorate website to see the arrest warrant is a liar. 3, you want to call the public security, procuratorate are crooks. 4, you want to open a new bank account, the new U shield are crooks. Fraud posing as public security requirements, verification of all personal property, the victim once deceived is bankrupt, great harm to society! Please forward this picture and text, so that more people know the new fraud techniques, tear the cloak of a liar, so that people no longer cheated Zhangzhou! (Zhangzhou) related video: online fraud fraud suspects wanted to cheat a woman teller >相关的主题文章: