Beijing garlic retail price jump to 10 yuan are: industry speculation ingredients – Sohu news wholesale garlic prices in October compared with a rise time for 7.5 yuan per kilogram for visual China public liangdama yesterday to buy vegetables in the vegetable market was shocked, garlic rose to 10 dollars a pound! In September when the 8 yuan a pound." It made her very surprised. Indeed, "garlic you ruthless" and a comeback. The national development and Reform Commission published the day before October, garlic wholesale price of 7.24 yuan per kilogram, an increase of 90%. Beijing xinfade wholesale market the latest price information yesterday showed that the wholesale price of garlic compared with October and rose to 7.5 yuan per catty. Garlic, green onions, ginger price of Qi display according to survey data of the national development and Reform Commission in October, garlic retail price of 7.89 yuan per kilogram, rose 67.9%. But in November, the retail price of garlic will jump up a jump, when liangdama went to the market to buy garlic, garlic prices have risen to 10 yuan per catty. In the Jingdong store, garlic Shandong Jinxiang fresh garlic, the retail price of 13.8 yuan per catty. Yesterday, Beijing xinfade wholesale market the latest price information shows that the wholesale price of garlic compared with October and rose to 7.5 yuan per catty. Beijing Youth Daily reporter yesterday learned that the investigation, in addition to garlic, leeks are also expensive than usual. This time in previous years are residents of winter storage onion season, 1 yuan 1 kg, people to buy bundles of onions. But this year, not only the high quality and inexpensive winter storage onions disappeared, even the farmers market green onions are also sold nearly 4 yuan a pound. Wind information statistics, as of the end of October, Beijing xinfade wholesale price of ginger has reached 3.4 yuan per kilogram, hit a nearly 18 month high, compared with the year 0.85 yuan per kilogram price, or up to 300%. Even compared with the same period last year, up 112.5%. Analysis of the market led to the decline in the yield of expert analysis of weather disasters, this round of rally garlic, has exceeded 2009, 2010 market, and more ferocious". From the beginning of 2008, the wholesale price of garlic, garlic from less than 2 yuan per kilogram, climbed all the way up, and when the price reached a peak in 2010 October. The wholesale price of garlic topped 6 yuan per kilogram, the wholesale price of garlic have exceeded 5 yuan per catty. For the reason of current rising price of garlic, the Ministry of Commerce said earlier, the garlic prices in 2015 July, the direct reason lies in the planting area is reduced, and the disaster weather caused the decline in production. According to data from the Ministry of agriculture of the country’s 580 major vegetable counties to monitor the data, in 2015 the area of garlic fell by 2.2%. Another data, in 2015 the main producing areas of garlic in Shandong, Jinxiang garlic harvest area of 536 thousand acres, down by 14%, production of 587 thousand tons, down by 4.7%. In addition, from the beginning of the two quarter, part of the dealers began to acquire cold storage garlic, garlic and then began to increase demand, supply and demand contradictions, to further increase the price of garlic. However, this training相关的主题文章: