Beijing 70% base that before the end of the year to cancel the   including " " " " strange; chaos; " false " proof of local leadership — original title: 70% basic proof before the end of the year to cancel the Xinhua News Agency yesterday morning, held in Beijing City, covering each street town to further promote the tube service reform television and telephone conference, to promote the reform initiatives, landing effective fruit. Deputy Secretary of Municipal Committee, mayor Wang Anshun to put the tube service reform to promote the deployment of work. More than 200 of them by the proof issued by the grassroots, full of "strange" "chaos" and "false" that will cut at the end of 70%, reducing the burden for the masses. 54 "pipe service reform task is the municipal government to the people of the city set junlingzhuang, hundred-percent must be completed before the end of the year, or they will be criticized, administrative accountability. We have to come up with a bit of hard work, so that the community feel we ‘put’ determination and courage. ‘put’ work has entered a crucial stage." – Wang Anshun at the end of the end of non administrative approval Wang Anshun pointed out that in streamlining the approval matters, the rest are bones, but the bones gold higher, to stimulate the vitality and creativity of the impact is bigger, more worthy of great efforts to reduce. He proposed to support units and departments to take the initiative to reduce, do more optional. At present, there are 197 central setting, Beijing implementation of the non administrative licensing approval, we will complete the cleanup work before the end of the year, the cancellation of the cancellation, the adjustment, to end the non administrative approval this approval category. Promote reform center approval approval process optimization, Wang Anshun put forward to solve the investment project approval difficult, slow approval of "big". Wang Anshun, for example, after the two phase of the project to promote the difficulty of multi channel approval, approval is one of the important reasons for slow. Currently the center of the city to carry out the construction of investment projects approval process reform in this regard to make a major breakthrough, the next step will be to promote the reform of the pilot. The end of the examination and approval of intermediary services to cut half of the slow approval of an important reason is that the approval process of intermediary services, time-consuming. This not only prolonged the time of project approval, also increased the cost, may even lead to corruption or rent-seeking. According to statistics, the city has about 400 approval of intermediary services. Wang Anshun, determined to increase the clean-up efforts, there is no basis or basis, will be canceled, usually through the internal information sharing can solve, will be canceled; where the market mechanism can adjust, enterprises can make their own decisions, not forced to entrust the third party. At the end of this year, at least half of the approval of intermediary services. "Put" is not a put, "put" after the "pipe" responsibility is not light, but heavier, capacity requirements are not low but higher. Wang Anshun — "double random checks" to law enforcement inspection in the current government self willed, self willed, among law enforcement law enforcement nuisance, law enforcement injustice and other issues exist in a certain extent. In this regard, Wang Anshun)相关的主题文章: