Bear children tend to bear parents, you are not careful bear? You and mother – Sohu talked about "Li’s child is not sensible, seen in the online" relatives of the bear children came over, I was mad Tucao, and secretly imaginary "if my children so that I can kill you". Rome was not built overnight, nor bear children make a day. The old saying "do not support, the father of the" bear bear children often have parents, do not pay attention to correct children’s bad behavior and even condone mistakes, let the children go on the road of "bear" gone. Who do not want their children to become everyone hate children, but if you do the following things, let the children are "bear"? The cinema, children endless theory of character lines, twitter. Sorry ah, the child is small, not sensible, do not care about." The playground, two children for swing, a desperate hit another punch. "The children playing well, so small, hit and hurt." Public places, "sorry ah, the child is small, did not hold back." "Small" cannot become the reason to hinder others, when not misconduct stopped, grew up not only will not change, will become aggravated. Many children do something bad or do not understand the truth, playful curiosity is normal, but the parents can not use excusing him. Know what the child may be problems, should be prepared in advance, to avoid unnecessary trouble and trouble to others. For example, to tell your child not to speak loudly in public, playing with toys to learn humility, before going out to the children wearing diapers and so on. Inadvertently, a complaint, "the rain is really big XX, so that my shoes are wet!" maybe the child learned to use you bad language. In the restaurant boss around "waiter! Go get a cup!" perhaps the child to others lose their respect. Hot temper a little, "believe I beat you?!" in the mouth often, maybe the child will learn to handle things at once with his fist. Imitation is the child’s instinct, they often follow their parents as an example to every word and action. Even if you don’t want to be a bad parent, but sometimes an unconscious move will keep the child in mind. Moreover, children’s imitation is superficial, even if you do one thing, the starting point is good, but there is a problem with the way, the children see the bad appearance, will learn to follow. Therefore, you must pay attention to do a good example. "I want the toy car!" "well, buy, buy!" even though there was a parking lot in the house, you took your wallet for the sake of the children. "The flower at the top of the tree is so beautiful!" "come and go, daddy is holding you, take it home!". "This lunch is not good, I want to eat chicken!" "no problem, wait for the mother to buy you!" you dropped chopsticks to the market, even can’t wait to eat dinner. The child became the only treasure of the whole family, spoil what the requirements are agreed, but also the first.相关的主题文章: