The central bank decision in suspense Japanese bank shares on the crazy roller coaster stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes Sina warrants stocks news Beijing time 14 days Bloomberg said, compared with the Japanese market, the volatility of bank stocks relative to the highest since the global market the financial crisis, investors are struggling with the central bank’s next move will still drag on bank support. The Bank of Japan may take action to let sovereign bond yield curve steepened speculation, helped push the Topix bank index rebounded 30%, because if the central bank is to do so, will boost the profitability of bank loans. However, there are rumors that the central bank to consider further on the road to negative interest rates, banking stocks rally weakened. Investors have seen the negative effect of interest rate policy on the stock market earlier this year after the launch of the deposit interest rates below zero, banking stocks suffered the worst decline since 2008. "There is no real direction, volatility is very high," said Citigroup analyst at Bank of Tokyo Furuki Taro. This is where we are at the moment, the market is expected to sway the central bank’s policy is the main factor driving the stock price, rather than fundamentals." On Sunday the central bank’s policy on the eve of the meeting, investors have enemies in front and rear. The Bank of Japan is evaluating its policy after more than three years of easing failed to revive the economy and boost prices. In January this year, the negative interest rate is intended to reduce borrowing costs, to persuade banks to use idle funds to lend to the Bank of japan. However, since the credit slowdown, the yen soared, Japanese bank profits decline and still unwilling to accept higher risk assets. Bank stocks may be the trend of other stocks in the direction of the market. In February fell into a bear market trend among banks is one of the largest decline of the plate, and these stocks rebound for the Topix index rally to pave the way for the summer. Editor: Wang Yongsheng SF153相关的主题文章: