China bank to join the "Art International Fair in Jiangxi launched a joint card China bank to join the" Art International Fair in Jiangxi launched a joint card culture financial products increasingly rich, the financial practice of art industry is gradually warming. In recent years, new business models are derived, art and finance each other together, cooperation and development trend has become a highlight of cross-border cooperation in China, this trend in economically developed areas of the financial market is particularly prominent. Under the tide of the times, the Art Expo in Jiangxi to join the Bank of China Jiangxi branch launched the art of Jiangxi joint debit card, to the public to bring more fresh and interesting cultural + financial experience. China bank is the four largest state-owned commercial banks, its business scope covers commercial banks, investment banks and insurance, with BOC Hongkong, BOC International, BOC insurance and other financial institution’s holdings. As one of the oldest banks in China, in the course of one hundred years of development, has always been adhering to the spirit of excellence, has been widely recognized by the industry and customers and praise. As the Bank of the highest degree of internationalization and diversification, its branches have been expanded to overseas, providing comprehensive financial services to customers in mainland China, Hongkong, Macao China, Taiwan and 43 countries worldwide, are very influential. The Jiangxi Art Fair is the largest and highest level Art Fair held in Jiangxi, which brings together a large number of domestic and international art institutions, galleries and many artists. In 2015 the first Nanchang International Art Exposition (now renamed the Jiangxi International Art Fair), a record number of first, the first held in Jiangxi exhibition, cultural exhibition areas for the first time, the main business for the first time, the international exhibition scale embedded VIP art auction in China Art Fair for the first time, and obtained 4 days more than 50 thousand visitors, single day turnover, the total turnover of 10m good economic benefits exceeded 42 million yuan. 2016 art Jiangxi International Expo will give the public a new look after the upgrade. The joint debit card available in addition to the basic functions usually used in the art also adds to the Jiangxi international exposition of specific services, investors can enjoy preferential and two-way participation. Cooperation between the Bank of China and the Jiangxi International Art Fair will bring more convenience and experience to investors, attracting more investors to participate. The joint debit card activities launched two cards: Art Jiangxi ordinary debit card 1)   process: September 1st to accept an appointment, customers can Chinese to Jiangxi branch of the bank outlets make an appointment for art Jiangxi ordinary debit card "for success, can receive five consecutive years of the" art Jiangxi International Fair "public open day tickets (five tickets for the total value of 250 yuan, a year). 2 ( ); management object: public.   the "Jiangxi art" VIP debit card 1)   process: September 1st to accept an appointment, customers can China to Jiangxi branch of the bank outlets for an appointment in the "Jiangxi art VIP, apply for a debit card")相关的主题文章: