For BAIC G20 Technology Innovation Conference of Ministers proposed plan for the morning of November 2, 2016, Beiqi group held the "2016 G20 Technology Innovation Conference of Ministers of the official car delivery ceremony" in the development of Beijing automobile industry base, Beiqi group of relevant departments and its members on behalf of the unit, Beiqi group "of the world" volunteer service team and Shouqi Ambassador team drivers participate in activities. A car with a G20 Technology Innovation Conference of Ministers of the official car gradually starting to Yanqi venue, Beiqi group service in 2016 G20 meeting of Ministers of science and technology innovation work officially opened. The first good service China business card for the implementation of the G20 Hangzhou leaders bulletin, innovation and G20 blueprint for innovation and technology innovation action plan, November 3rd -5, G20 science and technology innovation in 2016 ministerial meeting will be held in Beijing. Representatives from G20 members, guests and relevant international organizations will attend the meeting and related activities. This is another important international conference held in Beijing. As a representative of China automotive industry backbone enterprises and the capital of high-end manufacturing, BAIC group will provide a full car service for the meeting, the participating countries to officials, representatives show good quality of "Chinese manufacturing". In the vehicle configuration, Beiqi group selected, choose brands main models, set up a huge contingent of 115 vehicles operating vehicles and assembly technical service car. In terms of staffing, it is meticulous, sent the world youth volunteer service team. The service is based on the integration of "Youth" driver volunteers on Beijing, with a high sense of service a rigorous screening and training system after the formation of the strong, the service ability of young driver volunteer service teams, with many major foreign affairs service experience, to provide a warm and professional, the internationalization of the conference service. To provide travel support for large-scale activities held in the capital at home and abroad, has become a good tradition of Beijing Automotive group. From the 70 anniversary of the sixty anniversary of the founding of the parade to the 2014 APEC conference in 2015, victory parade, and shortly before the convening of the thirty-ninth session of the international organization for standardization ISO conference, an event, all visible Beiqi group products and services team figure, which represents the state and society is highly recognized for quality products and brand image of Beiqi group it reflects, Beiqi Group actively fulfill corporate civic responsibility.     diversified configuration provides overall travel solutions, it is understood that the conference service vehicles including Beijing Automotive Group, Beijing automobile, Beiqi new energy, Foton, Fujian Benz and other brands of cars, medium-sized passenger cars, large passenger cars and other vehicles. Provided by Beijing automotive Saab D70, Beiqi new energy provided by ES210 will serve as Minister of the exclusive car, provide one of the exclusive services for the participants of the ministers. Echoing the conference of science and technology innovation theme, Beiqi New Energy Company also provides EH300, EU260, EV160, EX260 and other variety of new energy vehicles, Beiqi group leader position in the new energy automotive industry and actively explore the car.相关的主题文章: