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Cameroon train derailment caused nearly 700 casualties (Figure)

Cameroon train derailment caused nearly 700 casualties (Figure) in October 21st, Cameroon eseka, people evacuated from the train derailment accident scene. Original title: Cameroon train derailment accident death toll rose to 70 in October 22, Xinhua news agency, Yaounde (reporter Huang Yanan) 21 occurred in the train derailment accident eseka central Cameroon region has killed at least 70 people were killed and 600 injured.   Cameroon President Paul Biya · 22 in the social media face book said, a train derailment killed at least 70 people were killed, and another 600 people were injured, he expressed condolences to the accident victims.   Shakespeare asked the government to take all measures to help the victims of the accident, and ordered the relevant departments to investigate the cause of the accident.   Shakespeare also announced the same day the 24 national day of mourning, when the Cameroon national and overseas institutions will be lowered to half mast.   a passenger train from Yaounde to the capital of the economic capital Douala 21 in eseka derailment accident. Rescue workers are still looking for victims at the scene of the accident. All the injured have been taken to hospital for treatment. (end)  相关的主题文章:

Watch the first ascent of pioneer ladder season game player with the mouse settings share zibba

Watch the first ascent of pioneer ladder season game player interview mouse settings share Q: first of all, congratulations on your first service ladder season in the "watch" pioneer in the summit, and say hello to everyone. ASsamsara: Hello, I’m Samsara from AS E-sports club, I am very pleased to accept this interview. Q: you are serving the country’s first on the ladder 90 level game player, it is reported that at the end of July you will reach this achievement, can share your winning skills with us? ASsamsara: This is a process from easy to difficult, low level of the ladder is very easy, and I was 70 after the 9139 team double; just updated version, the great spirit began to appear, every game is quality Bureau, we also play quite happy. Q: where do you choose to play in the competition? The three most commonly used heroes are? ASsamsara: I will generally choose the most common assault, the hero is Genji, Mccrea and death. Genji this version is very strong, very suitable for the storm. In the Genji not playing effect when, I would choose Mccrea. Death is out on the opposite side of the tank more cases, but if we Youchan Yata protect them I will continue to use Mccrea. Because the team is the relationship between the tank, under his protection, I can rest assured that the output. Q: as a professional, what do you think are the two most powerful teams in the country? ASsamsara: the current domestic iG and NGA is recognized as one of the teams, but the domestic watch team very rapid development of occupation, our team has also changed in the lineup, hope to have the opportunity to play them in future games. Q: a lot of players will be curious about the life of a professional, can you share with us the usual training life? ASsamsara: the club recently ushered in three new players, we are still running in. Daily life is every day, coach training schedule, one day the rest of the fixed time every week, manager and coach will take us out to play for fun, we can guarantee the rest. Q: unfortunately you did not become a problem due to the age of "pioneer" watch World Cup vote candidates currently China dream team lineup has been published, you think Chinese team can achieve what results in the world cup? ASsamsara: I think that can be selected are very powerful players, since it is the choice of the majority of players, I believe they can give us show the strength of the Chinese team in the world-class game. Q: "watch" pioneer new map eichenwald has been published, what do you think of the new map? ASsamsara: the new map is relatively new, located in Germany, is an offensive escort mixed map. A party to escort the siege into castle to win the hero Balderich’s body, the other side is to prevent and resist the attack, compared with the game map taste.相关的主题文章:

Baby, life is a game together sometimes travel (video) www.b

Baby, life is a journey this year and sometimes very busy, take a lot of road. This beautiful season, like the heart of a small spark as warm and beautiful. Often to a new journey, you will face the night alone. Travel alone does not change your path. Stay in Africa for so many years, like migratory birds every year around the earth to fly back to china. There is a memory of the time, do not know how to walk dumb as a wooden chicken. Accustomed to the deep sea freely, shade of silent meditation, a moment of being exposed to the hustle and bustle of city great, not walk, need you to hold. Long ago, when South Africa, like many newcomers to Africa Chinese, lost the basic judgment, always exaggerate or ignore the simple fact of life, some meaningless feeling. Will often cry, feel lonely. At that time, a friend who believed in Christ said, "if you look back and see only a single set of footprints, it is because you are being carried by him. A lot of friends came to Africa, are afraid of the dark, afraid of shrubs, afraid of mosquitoes, fear of Marseille village, fear of fear in all kinds of imagination. It is particularly interesting that the city makes most people feel safe, even if surrounded by pollution and noise. Often listen to such concerns, he scratched his arms and legs on the mosquito bites a small scar. These years, covered by African kisses left small scars, but my heart bright as ever. Probably, the first edition has been practicing as the way they want. Each morning, is a phoenix like the restoration of full strength with a smile. Such a beautiful sunshine, emitting a fragrant temperature, through the eyes of the sweet kiss, worthy of all desperate walk. Baby, maybe you are lonely, but you are happy. Every place you walk through, you remember the laughter of eight teeth. Along with the great migration footprint gone a full seven or eight years, fly ash road, long wilderness, little life in the world is boundless, have track and its significance. The African church I, brave talk of love and life and death, not hesitate to practice. There is a soul is unable to part, every day, the power to penetrate the heart of love. Is still not too long ago, because such a fantastic place China tourists in the journey and the small little angry sad, feel the love of Africa misunderstood and underestimated. Now, because of the reasons for the hostility and fear. Every one of us, have deeply disturbed her bundle, explaining the lives of others. Never write Raiders, will not. If there is a proposal, only hope that before coming to Africa, as far as possible to add some suitable for their own sense of life rituals in the travel preparation. My experience, or short weekend trip, can try to bring your love life in the little things. Long distance travel, but as little as possible. The return, in fact, can bring their own. I prefer to prepare for any trip in advance, like those who are prepared for a long time and Pondering on the trip in a cordial and familiar. I like to go to a place for the first time, because it is very suitable for the color and style.相关的主题文章:

Once the good son of good learning suddenly deteriorated, only when the mother did too much – Sohu m

Have excellent learning good son suddenly deteriorated, blame only when the mother do too – the Sohu mother Ms. Chen Jun | cheats has always been to his son proud son of sensible obedient, excellent grades, the grade is about 10, but also as a monitor, so good son, Chen always Ms. bragging, but do not know what time from the beginning, the son became rebellious and put on his mother’s overbearing, then do not listen, no Study hard, when the home is on the Internet playing games, or even steal money and friends go to Internet cafes, when Ms. Chen discipline, son will be fierce resistance, not only do not listen, even abusive Baoma, watching the old boy become like this today, grades plummeted, treasure the mother very sad, call it directly, to handle Sent to the correctional institution, into a good transformation. Finally, the police found 110 son talk, did not know the child is very not easy, his mother is a strong man, son of strict discipline, especially learning, grasping is very tight, not to give the son relaxing time at home does not allow his son to play computer, only learning, school tasks, and treasure the mother for his son on the outside or be careless with daily classes, ordinary holidays, do not let the children go out to play, sometimes rebellious son go to Internet cafes to play a night, the results came back by treasure mom and beat and scold, sometimes metamorphosis will be his son tied to the balcony, don’t let it go mixed. Finally, the son can not stand, the beginning of a rebellious, against the Po mom, want to live for their own chic. Our children are very hard, once a study tour in Chinese Westerners said: we are at the age of 18, will form a band, will conduct a travel, meetings with vigour and vitality of love, and Chinese child, 18 years old, in preparing for the college entrance examination. When the hard work of parents and children, sometimes very hard, the child’s academic performance is important, but the inner thoughts can not be ignored, that child was rebellious for many reasons, not a sharp direct emotional violence with violence, abuse of children, not only can not solve the problem, but let the contradiction before parent-child intensified, and children will be more when the child is rebellious, rebellious period, parents to take care of children, and children more exchanges, understand the idea of a child, then he gave the child an antidote against the disease, is too much pressure or a child in the school met unhappy things. Parents are afraid of the child’s rebellious period, but not every child will experience a rebellious period, most of the rebellious children have an excessive parent. And the child caught a cold, how to do? What is the baby crying? How do the child spits? Baby long eczema how to deal with? Want to let the baby grow taller, what way? When will the baby call mother? 1 year old really have to wean it?…… If you have these parenting confusion, please pay attention to WeChat public number: [parenting tips]. Do the "bottom" of the mother heart!相关的主题文章:

Economic Daily good Internet advertising is to develop good – the media – People’s network naughty怎么读

Economic Daily: Manage Internet advertising is to develop – the media – original title: good to the development of the "Interim Measures" of the Internet advertising management highlights the characteristics of Internet advertising, efforts to solve the urgent problems in the grass-roots law enforcement supervision, by the majority of users praise. But there are voices in the industry believe that the Internet advertising tube too dead, is not conducive to the healthy development of the industry, and even said that the Internet advertising will die on a tube". In fact, this need not worry. From a regulatory point of view, to encourage the healthy development of Internet advertising attitude is very clear. The focus of the interim measures to combat and curb, is a serious impact on the normal use of users, seriously misleading consumers to choose the normal, free to add links to product advertising. Not long before, Secretary of State Administration for Industry and commerce advertising director Zhang Guohua made it clear that the pop-up ads to ensure close, but for the advertisement is not included. Therefore, the "Interim Measures" is not the focus of the Internet advertising industry pipe smoothly, but to allow the industry to get rid of lawless barbaric growth, go on the road of healthy development. From the point of view of the implementation of the policy, the full range of supervision and classification of various types of advertising policy direction is very clear. The face of massive Internet advertising, how to timely review will be a new test. Relevant departments will actively explore the use of big data, Internet + regulatory approach, and strengthen the construction of the advertising monitoring system, and constantly improve the level of modern advertising supervision. Meanwhile, the Internet advertising monitoring center is also accelerating the construction. The purpose of technical follow-up is to achieve the most scientific and efficient supervision of Internet advertising, to create a good environment for the overall development of the industry. The advertising market order and strict management, and not to put advertisement dead, but let the advertising industry to develop more healthily, better for the economic and social development efforts, for the consumer service. (commissioning editor Song Xinrui and Yan Shuai)相关的主题文章:

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