Austrian steady flow replacement technology will be held in Beijing, Beijing – Science and technology – People’s air is closely related to the survival of mankind. More and more people pay attention to the cleanliness of air, especially PM2.5. A report published by the WHO and the United Nations Environment Group makes it clear that "air pollution has become an inescapable reality of the lives of urban residents around the world." On the afternoon of September 8th, the "steady displacement flow technology" sponsored by the Chinese Academy of environmental sciences will be held at the Chinese Academy of environmental sciences. A group of experts identified by the Committee Chinese Academy of engineering, Hou Li’an, Ren Zhenhai three academicians led by Wang Wenxing. Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of acoustics researcher Cheng Mingkun, environmental standards Research Academy of environmental science researcher Wu Xuefang China, Peking University Dr. Lin Guanming, former deputy professor Wu Jixiang of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Hebei provincial department director Wang Fuqiang, Chinese Association Enterprise Innovation Service Center cooperation promotion department deputy director Yan Shuling, Hebei Province Science and Technology Service Center Director Wang Jianlou and other experts as identification the committee members attended the appraisal meeting of Shijiazhuang oasion Medical Engineering Co. Ltd. (abbreviation: oasion company) presided over a "steady flow replacement technology and the control technology of indoor PM2.5+VOC were identified. Identified by the Chinese Academy of Environmental Sciences Ren Guanping, Secretary general. According to project director, general manager of the company Song Jianli Olsen, "steady flow replacement technology" to the innovation of static pressure box uniform air conditioning system and indoor airflow push as the main research object, from the theoretical analysis of the static pressure box uniform air conditioning system pressure and orifice flow law, put forward the clean room of building structure with the use of air conditioning pipeline science with air flow to cover arc radial flow plate will air terminal air supply unit used in air conditioning, expand the new area of the main area of the clean room air supply system of construction project. By using the theory of fluid transport flux, the filtration efficiency of fine particles can be improved by reducing the momentum and energy loss. Starting from the establishment of the indoor air flow organization reasonable, replacement by steady flow wind end device (static pressure box type radial flow wind hood), in the indoor form "piston push, solves the flow of large area uniform wind technique. The engineering practice shows that the technology was superior to conventional technology in related industries, to achieve as little as possible "clean" air to air "dirty" replacement. In the same air condition, outlet wind speed is low and stable, not only shorten the time of air purification, and the energy saving effect is remarkable. This technology uses the static pressure box air duct system (air duct has the function of static pressure box), eliminating the air flow control valve, with the initial investment and operating costs of each drop more than 30% characteristics. With the domestic and foreign similar technology, using this technology (steady flow gas replacement cleanroom) under the same conditions, compared with the conventional design of ventilation, reduce the energy consumption of 28% to 40% air conditioning system, the average energy saving 31%. This technology can be widely used in the dairy factory, pharmaceutical factory, food factory, electronics factory, hospital and other places of high requirements of clean air environment at the same time, the results can also be used.相关的主题文章: