At the end of September the first time sales of BMW I8 special edition of the official map before BMW officially released the I8 Protonic Dark Silver Edition (proton dark silver version of the official figure), the limited edition models will be on September 29th opening of the Paris auto show world debut. Different from the conventional limited edition models, the car uses a limited time sale order form, open from December 2016 to early 2017, BMW officially announced no specific price. Three cylinder hybrid sports car BMW I8 m and in March this year, the Geneva auto show BMW I8 (ginseng, pictures, Protonic Red Edition (inquiry) red proton Limited Edition) I8 Protonic Dark Silver Edition, (proton Dark Silver Edition) was used with characteristics of high reflective Protonic paint, the paint BMW I8 standard car paint palette based on proton blue, so visual look a bluish visual effect, light reflection and shadow to bring out the perfect body curve I8 car complex. According to BMW official introduction, users can customize according to their own preferences for this car personalized custom catalog and general version of the I8 general. Power, new car with cash I8, equipped with a 1.5T composed of three cylinder turbocharged engine and an electric motor hybrid system. Among them, the engine maximum power of 231 horsepower (170kW), the maximum power of the motor is 131 horsepower (96kW), the whole hybrid system power output of 362 horsepower (266kW). Performance data, this car 0-100km h acceleration time of 4.4 seconds, up to 250km H.相关的主题文章: