As a mysterious new machine exposure ten core processor clocked at alarming rumors LETV this month will be published at the end of the music as a super mobile phone 3, now users @ slag on micro-blog’s first new exposure to a suspected LETV new machine detection information display photos, the machine is equipped with a MediaTek ten core processor, but the specifications and the existing Helio X20 X25 and the future will be released in early next year, Helio X30 will be quite different. Recently, friends @ slag ruffian’s first exposure to a suspected LETV new machine in the micro-blog pictures on display from the picture information can be seen, this processor using 14nm process, the ten core three cluster design, consisting of two 2.59GHz Cortex-A72 eight 1.55GHz core and Cortex-A53 core. This is currently known MediaTek Helio X20 P20 and other specifications are not the same, and the beginning of next year will be released Helio X30 is also different. Then the super mobile phone official micro-blog reproduced the news broke the news, it is clear that the picture is indeed the new machine as the music, but what is the use of the official did not disclose the processor. Yesterday evening, micro-blog users @Black_ Black Digital said, this processor is called Helio X27, which is an upgraded version of X25, but the process is still 20nm, CPU-Z detection error. In addition, he also said that although the highest frequency of Helio X27 pulled to the 2.59GHz, and thus sacrifice the frequency of the A53 small core, resulting in the actual results may still be a nuclear difficult, nine nuclear onlookers phenomenon.相关的主题文章: