Arms money more? Trump was elected to the island of Taiwan abandoned breeding data figure: Cai Yingwen in the Golden Army Special Air Ministry Amphibious Reconnaissance Battalion, the boat watched the Army Tactical and tactical training area. "Taiwan future" grim situation is "fear become the orphan of Asia" Cai Yingwen "to hold the thigh without us"…… Yesterday, the U.S. presidential election results announced, the attention to heat the abnormally high, usually not keen on international news media in Taiwan have updated the election. Trump’s final line to Taiwan from all walks of life "surprise, surprise, more will follow to predict the future of Taiwan pessimistic. TPP negotiations to yellow? Trump panic in Taiwan, first reflected in the stock market. According to Taiwan’s Central News Agency reported that the Taiwan stock is still leading in the polls early Hilary joy, but as Trump gradually lead Taiwan stock all the way to the bottom, the plate fell 290 points, fell below 9000 points, the final fell 274.23 points to close at 8943.2, approaching 3% decline, the market value of about overnight evaporation NT $810 billion. "National security fund" to support the market once prepared to meet the challenge. Cai Yingwen, 9, said in a statement released in the afternoon, looking forward to working with the new ruling team in the United States, so that the relationship between the United States and the United States can continue to grow, to maintain peace and stability in the Asia Pacific region is an important cornerstone of the. Cai Yingwen also asked the Department of foreign affairs to deliver a letter of congratulations, in which she reiterated that Taiwan will continue to be a close and reliable partner of the United states. Mei Jianhua, director of the United States in Taiwan, 9, said the afternoon, the United States will maintain a high degree of consistency in Taiwan policy, he is confident that the United States and Taiwan relations continue to develop positive. But the above statement does not smooth the island’s concerns about Trump. Trump, a professor at the University of Chinese culture in Taiwan, said that the opposition to TPP (trans Pacific Partnership Agreement), coupled with the U.S. Congress is not so keen on TPP, the future TPP will have more variables in the future. The United States does not necessarily want to TPP, but Taiwan in addition to TPP nothing, unless Obama in the final term of urgency to allow Congress to pass, it may not optimistic. The relationship between foreign and International Department of Tamkang University professor Chen Yixin said, Trump and Taiwan are not familiar with each other, the policy uncertainty is high. The economic and trade area, Taiwan actively seek TPP second rounds of negotiations, but the Trump administration, restart the TPP low possibility of cross-strait relations, Taiwan is not good, it is difficult to participate in the RCEP (regional comprehensive economic partnership), Taiwan in the economic and trade fear into the orphan of Asia, may also affect the chain Taiwan of the authorities of the New South policy. Lin Jianfu, Dean of the Taiwan Institute of economic research for Taiwan and the United States should as soon as possible signing of the FTA, in addition, Taiwan in the south to strengthen capacity at the same time, it should be taken into account Chinese West to the mainland market, no less. KMT policies CEO Cai Zhengyuan 9, said, "Trump was elected president of the United States, Cai Yingwen bet TPP no, Cai Yingwen did not fancy new south, Cai Yingwen will hold the American thighs is gone, goodbye Cai Yingwen!" arms money more? Taiwan’s former defense minister Cai Mingxian said, "because the United States regime was delivered in January next year, so the next few months is a key gap for the defense of Taiwan, if the mainland people’s Liberation Army to move, it is a serious challenge to the United States and Taiwan.相关的主题文章: