Are born? TGS viewers voted most anticipated game this year’s TOP10 Tokyo game show in September 18th has been a perfect ending, you want to see the game can see? During the Tokyo game show, the exhibitors voted the most attention of the ten game rankings released. This list can also reflect the extent to which we are concerned about these games, but also a popular ranking. "World 2" gravity "Summer Course" "Ren" King "Resident Evil 7" Eagle "ogre" TRICO "Final Fantasy 15" "Horizon: Dawn" "goddess parade" and "Monster Hunter:" story "extraordinary talent 6" this year’s list of "Summer Courses" is a VR form of the game. The "goddess parade" is a Japanese transport IC card game and linkage. In addition to these special games, it is worth mentioning that in the list of the game "Final Fantasy 15" Eagle "ogre" and "Ren TRICO king" have shortlisted most anticipated Games of 2015 list, it seems this year’s game on the list there are a lot of repeaters. There are friends who do not have the hope that they can go out on time, as long as it is out of the good. Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章: