Arale yiyanbuge sell adorable fencing male god can’t wait to dangdie [Abstract]23 old fencing male god Dong Li said, "daddy go" as his "deformation", let him from the boy quickly becomes a man, even if there is a smile as Arale’s lovely daughter, he wanted to be with my father. Dong Li and Arale Arale to sell adorable WCC news November 9th (the Yang Fan) "parenting reality show Daddy where" (watch) the fourth season aired last month the first set of content, combination of adorable baby and stupid dad again detonated topic, not only Tian Liang the son of "small bright young" handsome appearance set off the discussion, appearance like the cartoon character "Arale" Cui Yahan has also become the focus of attention. Cui Yahan from Guangdong Huizhou, soft adorable cute, taking two high to suspect the child is only 3 and a half years old, verse frequent bleeding, adorable rhythm, a rein in front of the TV audience. In the program, she and "practice dad" Dong Li’s wonderful partner also make people laugh. In November 8th, the reporter interviewed Dong Li’s agent for song Miss, she revealed that Dong Li was completely adorable baby Cui Yahan "conquer", and told reporters: "Dong very love this little girl very much, he even wanted to be a father." God wants to fencing when dad just because the most adorable "Arale" October 21, 2016 4 "" Daddy where aired second episodes from community sports star dads with a baby for Army soldiers in side presented wonderful performances, this adorable baby Cui Yahan showed again lovely side, facing the "Internship dad" Dong Li said. "When I grow up, my mother took me to marry you!" MOE audience. However, the bursting cells Cui Yahan, performing in the stage to erupt, facing the lovely little house and channeling off like "Arale", "Dong Li internship dad" in order to ensure respect for the troops, in desperation to the "daughter" said harsh words, the most adorable and the combination of cracks. The 23 year old fencing male god Dong Li said, "daddy go" as his "deformation", let him from the boy quickly becomes a man, even if there is a smile as Arale’s lovely daughter, he always want to be a dad. 8, the West China Metropolis Daily reporter from the East where there is hope that Miss Song, which is a sudden high fever in the past five days, but he was still on the day to participate in the National Fencing Championships, can be described as slightly less than the fire line of fire on the two. And that night, Arale also participated in an event for the first time to Shanghai, know the disease of Dong Lisheng, the girl is eager to see him. Song said: at the time of the first record of the first day of the program, we do not know Dong will partner Cui Yahan, was the initiative to choose the Dong Li, Cui Yahan, this may be a fate bar." Miss song also said that Cui Yahan and Dong completely is Zilai Shu, don’t spend too long time to get along with and understand, two people will become a "perfect partner". It is understood that after the end of the game, Dong and Cui Yahan will be 19 this month to set a new record "Daddy where to go". The so-called "money foster brother" was just "Arale" sell adorable not long ago, "where Dad" also released a broadcast footage, and small liangzai village head let Cui Yahan help him to guard the lamb, then an excuse to leave. At this time the program group to play her grey wolf相关的主题文章: