Anti domestic violence law implementation smoothly more departments to carry out active exploration – Beijing, November 25th is the international day of cancellation violence against women, but also China anti family violence law officially implemented the first "international day to eliminate violence against women". According to incomplete statistics, there are 17 provinces and municipalities have introduced the implementation of the anti domestic violence law supporting system and policy documents, a total of 110 copies. This reporter learned from the implementation of the anti domestic violence law exchange forum held in Beijing in November 24th. Made positive progress in March 1, 2016, China’s first anti domestic violence law formally implemented. Vice chairman of the National Women’s Federation, first secretary Song Xiuyan pointed out that less than a year’s time, the anti domestic violence law implementation has made positive progress, many localities and departments formulated specific measures for implementation, improve and implement the mandatory reporting, public security warning, domestic violence shelter, personal safety protection order etc. system. From the relevant departments to perform their duties according to law, the Supreme People’s Court issued a judicial interpretation in a timely manner, will determine the personal safety protection order as independent by v.. Some local courts in the first day of the implementation of the law, should be issued on the application of family violence victims personal safety protection order. According to the Chinese referee documents network data show that so far this year, the network has been included in the personal safety protection order legal documents 347. Many local public security organs in a timely manner to respond to the case of domestic violence, the police for help, and constantly standardize the warning process, have introduced a system of domestic violence warning system to implement, make it more operational. Many of the local people’s procuratorates to enforce the law strictly, the domestic violence act is suspected of committing a crime shall be prosecuted. Local civil affairs departments to guide the village committees, relief management institutions found no civil capacity or with limited capacity for civil acts of domestic violence victims, timely report and provide shelter assistance and other services. Local actively explore the specific implementation of anti domestic violence law, many departments have launched an active exploration. Beijing third intermediate people’s Court of Party members, vice president Liu Shuangyu said, together two entertainers in divorce cases, the man at the airport in hit woman a slap in the face, the court to consider the behavior greatly affects the woman’s psychological, that belongs to the family violence. "The identification of domestic violence, the provisions of long-term used trial to injuries identified as the premise, it is more to at least cause slight injury to the standard. But the anti family violence law to expand the scope of domestic violence, the violence in domestic violence including spirit, and no longer emphasizes the consequences." Liu Shuangyu said, after the implementation of the anti domestic violence law, we should promptly change the traditional ideas and practices, no longer as a result of the consequences of injury identified as domestic violence." "For the victims to prove difficult problem to solve, we stressed that the court evidence responsibility. In the safety protection of a US guidance Shunyi District court that the case, 110 alarm records collected by the court that the key evidence of domestic violence." Liu Shuangyu said. Improve the relevant provisions of Song Xiuyan pointed out that.相关的主题文章: