Annie Yi also shouted high-risk may only be chrysanthemums after the Double Ninth Festival regeneration! November 21st – Sohu maternal, Annie Yi drying out their bestie baby pictures on the Internet, and with the text to express the love of children, but also want to admit the regeneration of eva. Annie Yi micro-blog Original: ah ~ ~ has actually been at noon. The rice mother spent an hour a cut bestie baby photos, each one is so cute ~ ~ there are dolls like small beauty, handsome guy ~ ~. The rice mother a post into a set of photos, photos and rice together in the mobile phone store. Although rice is the age of the mother with a baby is a miracle, but the child’s mother love rice, I want a luxury to have another baby, should be a very low probability, but keep a good body, rice mother will try. You can easily be a baby, you are young, please remember to be mature enough to have children, before this, contraception, because if they have the opportunity to come to the world, each is an angel ah! Please don’t care about time in the embryo without he don’t, don’t hurt him after the birth, the rice mother envy to have children you ah! Don’t hesitate if your man doesn’t fit in with contraception, doesn’t care about your body, and you and your child! Leave it! Do not want to interfere with him, the nature of evil quality is difficult to digest! You are not God, your only responsibility is to change themselves, to become the best of their own. Love the family, love children, love husband, love themselves, today also carefully for the rice mother every day to good ~. A text message, micro-blog on the mountain seismic shaking, almost no objection to the one-sided comments: see you going to have a baby, really happy for you. I hope you will soon realize the desire, so good man, so good a lot of genes, use, can not be wasted; the positive energy of the mother, I believe you can have another; and so on, someone will ask: Dick Annie Yi not just was born, she was said to have another child, besides her prepare pregnant second child of the road has been very hard, is she crazy? Washington elder pregnant mother members said 36 year old pregnant every day blue: 37 weeks I was a monkey elder pregnant mother, and I just have a Zodiac monkey baby, now thirty-seven weeks pregnant, everything is normal, especially the Tang sieve, before I was worried about, but also passed, now I feel relaxed attitude is the first. Nemo37: 32 weeks pregnant at my mother when I was thirty-three years old, but I am still very healthy now, over the past thirty years, the medical level is not good that everybody do not worry, but we really like this year, Tang screen or to do the necessary checks. I was a little freckles ah 38 years old baby 1 years old my pregnancy was 36, no vomiting no cramps, although the weight overweight but normal glucose tolerance, Tang screen is normal, the baby is healthy, as long as their usual habits to keep healthy, healthy mentality, feeling a woman of childbearing age can be extended indefinitely. Wow haha ~ old age is not a risk of heart.相关的主题文章: