"Anger" hero ending   Huo Zhengyan Wang Lei: appreciate is acting — people.com.cn entertainment channel — people.com.cn original title: "Heroes" officer Huo Zhengyan admired Wang Lei anger: it will be acting Huo Zhengyan (Yuan Ye) Huo Zhengyan Huo Zhengyan. Huo Zhengyan fear Yuan Ye decadent ruffian wind (Huo Zhengyan), Huo Zhengyan (also to raise tuition decoration). The injured gun threat. Eyes fear   Jiangsu TV drama "tonight ending anger hero", Huo Zhengyan plays a thoughtful, selfish, but full of tragic color of the villain. The past three months from the time he a widely acclaimed villain Song Ziyang. In front of reporters as Qiuyang as clear the metrosexual man loves to tell jokes, Huo Zhengyan will talk, it is very difficult to make people with one or a gloomy or Henli villain on the number. "Hero" in a rage against Yuan Ye, as soon as he played, the sun is handsome and abstract excellent boy, was the fate of the ship involved in the deep desire gradually, step wrong, wrong step, and doomed eternally. To put this contradictory and complex human nature, light to dark, full of hope to the mentality of despair how accurate is not easy, but Huo Zhengyan control of the villain is calm and skillful. A sigh yuan also doom, even have an angel’s wings of light, darkness took the tragic power. We would like to open a billiard hall Huo Zhengyan’s idol is Nicolas Cage, he admits that he is not just pure enjoyment, his performance of textbooks, the star for his inspiration, both good and bad, every play the role of shaping are very good, but do not want to exclude any role for actor. In fact, in an interview with Huo Zhengyan, and not high dance artistic concept, not even is a particularly ambitious and the pursuit of the scene in BOY, he is optimistic and Le Tian, simple and sincere expression. Just as the year when the examination, to play the performing arts hall, he is ignorant, but Huo mother felt that his son is handsome, have to do this. He said: "I have always felt that our generation is to help parents complete the unfinished wishes of their generation." The first Huo Zhengyan’s heart very resist, he even thought that my parents to send to the opera, painted on the face of that. Later, his father told him that he was acting in a TV series, and he still felt that the boy was a little embarrassed. "They really stubborn, I don’t mind that because of this thing, get one family is not happy, but I have a condition, I had only one year, if I fail, don’t force me to re test. As a result, somehow admitted into the." Huo Zhengyan was born in Dandong, grew up in Guangzhou, his high school ideal is to do a small business, a billiard hall or game hall, while playing to make money. Reporter: 90s million class society, everyone knows, only the business of high. Huo Zhengyan: to be honest, I was very confused before school, and I’m not afraid of your jokes. Even after the test in the drama, I do not know what to learn this in the end. Until the three grade, began to have some practice opportunities, I suddenly found the goal of life. This job is what I like to do相关的主题文章: