Analysis of the rich people Qi cold: European League 1 drag miserable as flawed – Sohu has just entered the sports league last weekend in October, the cold wind blowing, many European giants have upset. Why so many counter matches? And all the giants move? Mainly European League played great, crematorium, the main injuries, who don’t you lie? Always club at the end of the FIFA match of the day after the first match will be short of ups and downs of performance, mainly because of strong teams in many countries of the national team international players, the number of far more than ordinary team. Another part of the players is also trapped in the regional factors, such as playing in the European Club South American players to return to the national team reported to fly thousands of kilometers, such as Barcelona MSN, each FIFA match of the day are almost a diagonal earth flight. Or have the striker injured in the national team, affecting the Paibingbuzhen club coach, so the FIFA virus makes clubs complain incessantly. The giants have upset the team, mainly European games drag, contrast: Liverpool, Chelsea, AC Milan and other traditional giants no European games, a game on Monday the player can take time to rest, play almost full fighting force in the league. Dortmund, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern, Manchester City, Manchester United are in the UEFA Champions League match in the group as soon as possible in order to get the favorable promotion rank, then the league in the face of the opponent is experienced 7 days the rest of the team, is a poor grade from the physical, even if has superior strength and technology, but also not only secretly crying. In addition, many clubs are facing two games a week, the probability of intensive schedule makes the injured players increase, the Real Madrid midfielder has been folded out of Casey Milo and Modri, Luo Ze J is send to the national team reports. Barcelona Messi has been in the League two games a week in the court, can only wait until after the end of World Cup will comeback. In the future, it will be good to keep the existing players. A long season in fact, FIFA did not match the UEFA Champions League match on the war in Europe, rather than FIFA virus virus ferocious, even the league and the Champions League could influence each other. For example, the 2011-2012 season in the Champions League semi-final against Chelsea, Barcelona and Real Madrid and Bayern, between the two semi-finals, Real Madrid and Barcelona played a championship anything belonging to the national Derby, Real Madrid had the last laugh, but crash together in the Champions League and barcelona. Therefore, the future team wants to achieve good results, as far as possible to minimize the consumption of multi line combat is the top priority. For the city of Leicester, the Seville team to concentrate on preparing for a competition, may have achieved good results, but let sampaoli and Ranieri and the European league together, probably both caught, to know the squad bench and the main European two level gap is too big, so how the war in Europe and the league the choice is a serious problem, the city of Leicester has already made a choice for the Champions League this season, more. While the Yankees although the overall superior strength, but should pay more attention to the player)相关的主题文章: