PPC-Advertising AdWords is product of Google, which is used by website owners to advertise their product/service in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) in the Google Search Engine, but there is a cost involved. This is Google’s flagship product, which fetched it revenue of around US 21$ Billion in 2008. The AdWords Consultant is responsible for an AdWords Campaign Management program, and is designed to optimize the hits with regards to the cost involved in order to maximize ROI. Keywords and Keyphrases, or Search terms, are the medium through which users across the globe find information on search engines like Google. An AdWords consultant allows the website owner to clearly specify the keyword/s for which the website should be advertised. These Ads are listed under the sponsored link section of Google. A website owner thinking of Advertising on Google for products and services, should have proper AdWords Campaign Management to maximize the ROI. An Advertising campaign to acquire new customers should not be a one-off affair or a now-on now-off campaign. The campaign must be sustained and requires proper planning and a budget. The website owner has to stipulate the cost they are willing to pay per click. An AdWords consultant will also tell you that proper selection of the AdWords (keywords) is important for your ads to appear in Google or any other search engine, since there is a check for relevance of the ads with respect to the keywords/search terms used. The listing of the Ads on paid sites list by Google is a factor of the quality score and the bid that is made by the website. The quality score takes into account different parameters like the click through rates of the past, whether the advertised text and keywords are relevant to the searched items, history of the account of the website wishing to advertise, in addition there may be other relevant factors. All these parameters are well understood by the AdWords consultant who advises the website on how to get the best quality score for the website in the desired search boundaries. The AdWords Campaign Management should also consider the quality of the landing pages as well the material on the website since the search engines utilize all these information to arrive at a score for the website for the purpose of listing. Many people who develop sites may not be fully aware of the potential and scope of advertising on the search engines. The consultants or companies offer website owners guidance on how to build and manage the AdWords accounts. The AdWords consultant should have the knowledge of Google’s account management software called the AdWords Editor. The AdWords Campaign Management thus focuses on the sites to advertise, refinement of the content, choosing the right keywords or phrases, understanding the correct keyword density and the cost that should be paid out per visit. An AdWords consultant usually would focus their attention on selecting the right keyword/s in response to which their client’s website would be listed. Since the user can access the information which is contained in the website using any keyword, words or phrases that he chooses to gauging the correct keywords or key phrases is crucial. Therefore the AdWords Campaign Management would essentially revolve around three key aspects: 1.Keyword Research 2.Forming Ad Groups using the keywords or key phrases 3.Writing Advertisements for each Ad Group There are certain prerequisites that the AdWords consultant would advise you to do, these are: AdWords account creation Country and language selection Billing and payment schedules Set a daily budget for a new campaign Therefore a seemingly simple work of posting the website on the search engines or related site actually involves a lot of research, imaginative thinking and knowledge about the search engines. Therefore it is advisable to utilize an experienced AdWords consultant rather than doing it on your own. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: