Alyssa Chia’s daughter does not learn to speak 4 does not imitate animal sounds – Beijing, Beijing, September 18,   according to Taiwan’s ETTV news, Alyssa Chia and 8 year old Shiou love airness, after marriage gave birth to her daughter, her daughter "does not does not" attract many fans attention round big eyes. She was 18 in the social networking site to share the latest video does not does not see, just turned 1 years old soon baby lovingly sat on her lap, while a babble of animal sounds, cute camera captured the hearts of all the fans. Does not grow up does not learning to speak has now entered the stage, listening to his mother’s question, she has taken up the cats, dogs, lions, sheep bleating, each kind of animal sounds are learned especially when learning remarkably like the true, the lion, also did not forget to take action, shaking a little body to make "roar" action and do, mom and dad seems to have inherited excellent acting gene. In addition, users also found that now does not participate in the program than does not "mother is Superman" period, will speak more video, say "end clearly bye" to let the fans call "really grow up", hoping to see the video does not speak does not complete the next time, hear the voice of little miss meng.相关的主题文章: