After the woman was stolen to remind passers-by remind not timely: are you a man? – in the mall after being stolen, Chen Xiaoyong post to vent their feelings, and openly complained to remind their male passers-by. Don’t blame the thief but complain reminder, Chen Xiao had been friends for collective shelling. A few days later, the post of male passers-by to explain the identity of the party post, said he was far from Chen Xiao, is to catch up to remind, the reason is not practical, because the thief has several people, but he also worried about the play. Things could have been so far, but Chen Xiaoyou complained that this male passers-by should be "run a few steps, I pretend to shout" remind yourself once again been bombarded users. This debate caused a lot of air space users hot debate. In November 1st, the Chengdu Daily reporter contacted the two parties was removed, still insisted on his view of Chen Xiao said: do not care about the netizen shelling, still insisted on his own opinion; while the male passers-by Wang Hai said, he is not only good to remind thanks, also was a bit scared complaining. The stolen Chen Xiao, who did not really help to remind themselves, because want to help, will do everything possible to help." Wang Hai reminder "although feel that this situation will remind see next time." The woman was posting complaints reminder shelling in October 15th about three in the afternoon, Chen Xiaoguang, a shopping mall in Meishan, the good mood is the thief destroyed, on the two floor of the elevator, a man and a woman next to tell her, bag thief opened the door into the mall. Chen Xiaoyi, bag out hundreds of yuan. To catch up to no avail after returning home, Chen Xiao will issue in the Meishan forum, "I would like to say to tell me, you are not a man, the untouchables? Next to see why not tell me, there is such a man? What is the quality of Meishan people now? Where is the positive energy?" Post after the first thread of the "willow lake" netizens criticized Chen Xiao: do you mind the adjustment, you are not to see the thief say no, it is in good faith to remind you of person to blame too much. Subsequently, netizens criticized followed: "this year, good difficult ah, don’t a kindly remind you, is for you to say Nothing is right., next to the ghost uncle (Note: which also remind you)." To begin with the netizen Chen Xiao debate: "after the fart heel didn’t say what is the difference? Should be good to remind the incident at the time, not after you dare not courageous, don’t say such nonsense!" The move triggered netizens collective shelling, two days time, there are more than four thousand users to participate. Reminder: distance and safety concerns with some surprise, the other side of the event in the early morning of October 17th to the identity of the parties in the online response, even did not expect Chen Xiaohui to do so. This was later confirmed as the male passers-by said Wang Hai, when he held the child from Chen Xiao’s position about 15 meters away, and the thief has succeeded and stolen goods transferred to another person, he then quickly catch up with Chen Xiao reminder. Wang Hai said that from their own to see the incident to remind, estimated no more than a minute. "I just think it’s my duty to tell you that I don’t have the obligation to catch the thief, and相关的主题文章: