After the death of the victim was stolen data trafficking chain: a few minutes can be hacked into the website of the Education Bureau within 3 days, after a spate of telecommunications fraud occurred in the case of students from the students, followed by a sudden death from cardiac arrest in. Public opinion in denounced fraudsters at the same time, also began to focus on students’ information is to be accurate leakage? According to the Shandong Linyi Yimeng evening news, Luozhuang girl Xu Yuyu in August 19th received a strange call, the person claiming a sum of 2600 yuan grants issued to her. In accordance with the requirements of the other party, Xu Yuyu will be ready to pay tuition fees 9900 yuan into the liar account…… Let a liar is a key to success, in this strange phone before, Xu Yuyu had received a notice of grants issued by the education sector. This means that the liar mastered Xu Yuyu’s multi class personal information. August 25th, a senior computer technician on surging news (), said Xu Yuyu’s information is likely to be stolen by hackers, sold to fraud. According to him, the team had tried to invade the Linyi Municipal Bureau of education around the site, found a few minutes you can enter, the relevant information can be viewed and downloaded freely. This technical staff told surging news, the hackers to steal personal information, has formed a huge industrial chain, part of a hacker in the black into some website to get information, and then in some forums, social groups in selling information. Correspondingly, the data on the network can be seen everywhere. According to the data of dealers said they have all kinds of data in various regions of the country in various industries on the hand, not only the students call data, account data, stock data, online shopping ticket data, neonatal data and so on, they all can be sold. Network security experts, the cheetah mobile security researcher Li Tiejun (micro-blog) on surging news (), is in fact not these hackers are good, such as schools, hospitals and other institutions in the network security investment is not enough, lead to a hacker with a very simple technology can be invaded, and these sites have a lot of personal information. Data: some people claim that the traffickers who sell "domestic schools, half of the data I have" the insider advice, surging news (reporters) to "buy", "sales" and other words, through the QQ software to search, find one hundred or two hundred related groups, the Group sales include "accurate data and" buy "the ticket data", "Taobao data", "health care data" and "phone data" and "data", "a breast weight newborn hand data" mobile phone number resources. Reporter through QQ plus friends to contact a few data sellers. According to several sellers, they mainly do telephone sales data, the data can be simply divided into two categories, one is more accurate, the name of the phone and the owner have; another kind is relatively vague, only the phone number. The seller said, included in the sale of the data type, the new open stock accounts this year, the general assets of the company will sell the stock to buy more; as well as the elderly phone data, can sell health care products and the like; and of course as the telephone data of students’ class, but to buy this kind of data will be relatively less. The reason is that the students themselves are not too good to cheat, and limited economic capacity. This kind of data according to freshness, the price is not the same. Root!相关的主题文章: