After the completion of the fund three quarterly bluntly difficult to see the overall bull market – fund channel, the current public offering of the fund’s Quarterly Bulletin of the fund’s three announced all completed. Days of statistics data show that the benefit from the market recovery, the three quarter of the overall public fund profit compared with the two quarter increased to 86 billion 9 million yuan. In the periodic report of funds, fund managers will express their views on the future market overall, fund managers think the overall bull market is difficult to see, in the choice, it is emphasized from the bottom, pay attention to the quality of listed companies. Fund holds the highest market value of the industry for the manufacturing sector, the Monetary Fund in the three quarter totaled $28 billion 836 million. Bond funds are also profitable, earnings reached 18 billion 435 million yuan. Equity Fund earnings rebounded to achieve a profit of 12 billion 121 million yuan, hybrid funds to achieve a profit of $19 billion 128 million. Positions, statistics show that the overall change in the three quarter of the fund position is not large, of which the average stock position is 88.4%, hybrid funds average position of 61.41%, compared with the end of the two quarter, a slight increase. Data from the three quarter of the fund positions, the fund holds the market value of the industry statistics, manufacturing, information services and financial services industry in the top three. The size of the fund companies ranked in the three quarter, Celestica fund to 832 billion 79 million yuan scale ranks first; ICBC Credit Suisse fund three quarter quarter scale increase of 76 billion 585 million yuan, the end of the three quarter to 558 billion 964 million yuan rose to second; the Huaxia Fund with 536 billion 396 million yuan of scale ranked third in the three quarter, Huaxia Fund also increased the size of 20 billion 700 million yuan yifangda; fund and southern fund respectively to 445 billion 100 million yuan and 388 billion 381 million yuan scale ranked fourth and fifth. The market is out of short-term fluctuations in the market range of UBS Investment strategy selected fund managers also believe that the sound of the tone of monetary policy and real estate sales overheating, interest rates further down the space is limited, with tighter regulation, short-term market is difficult to quickly out of the range of fluctuations in the market, need to rely on external force to break the dilemma. The Southern Blue Chip growth fund managers expect the economic fundamentals will be limited open domestic capital market performance underpinning, especially influential economic data is stable or even slightly improved, promoting the deepening of reform, the regulation of the real estate fund allocation migration will provide the market valuation and corporate earnings have a positive impact, and promote the upstream market risk appetite, but to speed up the supervision and adjustment, equity financing of the capital market of China’s loose monetary policy strictly, the Shenzhen Hong Kong through the opening of the market and other factors also constitute a constraint. GF core selection (270008) fund manager said, many stock valuations are still too expensive, it is difficult to see the whole of the bull market, but the market continues to shock in the process, a part of the stock investment opportunities will appear repeatedly, this kind of environment, investors need to put investment cycle longer and pay more attention to the basic research of depth the long-term target, the layout should be more patient. Bo SOE reform theme fund manager Lin Jingyi said that in the investment strategy, will focus on the optimization of mergers and acquisitions, corporate governance.相关的主题文章: