After graduation season Beijing rent Puzhang 94% "North drift" and flat-share with rising prices, Beijing prices also opened the "runaway" mode. Securities Daily reporter visited Beijing, Xicheng District, Chaoyang District, Tongzhou District and more to find, after the summer graduation season, Beijing residential rental prices generally increase. Among them, the convenience of the average rent increased by 20%. High rent will undoubtedly become a tenant heavy burden. The reporter found that, with prices rising, "North drift" has entered the era of flat-share. After the graduation season, Beijing rents rose in June, my landlord suddenly gave me a phone call, said prices." A man living in Qingnian Road City Huafang easy (real estate information owners forum (data), group purchase, forum) Ms. Liu (a pseudonym) told the "Securities Daily" reporter, she rented three rooms together with two friends, the landlord suddenly to price behavior, let the three girls be caught off guard at the end of last June, we, "signed a one-year lease contract with the landlord, then the agreed rent is 9200 yuan / month, at the expiration of the contract, contract before the landlord asked prices, increased to 10 thousand yuan / month. If we don’t accept, it means we need to move right now." In fact, with the increasing price of housing transactions in Beijing this year, Beijing housing prices generally rose. According to the National Bureau of statistics released in 2016 the national consumer price index (CPI): the national CPI rose 0.2%, up by 1.8% over the same period in July. Among them, living consumer prices rose 0.1%, up by 1.6%. In residential consumption, rental housing rents rose 0.4%, an increase of more than June expansion of 0.1 percentage points. In this regard, Albert I love my family (blog, micro-blog) group vice president Hu Jinghui analysis, June – July, the continuous expansion of the rental housing rent rose, mainly due to the college graduates rental demand concentrated outbreak. "In order to avoid the graduation season, I started looking for a room in April." Living in the vicinity of Beijing Chaoyang District Dalian slope of Mr. Liu told reporters, every summer rent will rise, so, every year I choose the off-season wards, can choose the room. Otherwise wait until June to see, it is the rhythm of the room." Mr. Liu’s experience has also been recognized by the majority of "drift". "I just graduated to find a house, can not hesitate, if you look at a house did not pay a deposit, within a week of being rented." In an Zhen Xi Li (information, group purchase, Ms. Lu said the forum), the original house, and did not consider too many factors, because of a serious shortage of housing supply, "with the leaving time is getting closer, I can only set a room, but then found, than the same period last year the price more expensive." Securities Daily reporters interviewed more than 10 tenants, rough statistics found that compared with the same period last year, since June of this year, Beijing area rents rose 12%. Among them, with the subway close to the convenience of the house, with an average increase of up to 20%. "Drift" into flat-share.相关的主题文章: