The trend of adjustment at the slow tap [] early Denver day letter investment adviser two stock markets have opened lower, after the opening of the weight plates sell quickly, especially the recent real estate sector leading varieties sell especially, the stock quickly diving, the stock index fell completely covering early upward gap in average 20 days to form a strong support, combined brokerage and steel etc. part of the weight plates to support the market, stock index shocks, the final decline, and formed with a long under the shadow of the hammer line; the gem index, although it also opened the diving trend, part of the subject matter of the active plate, with its moving upward, and a smooth covering early upward gap today. Overall, today’s stock index continued to maintain the trend of shock, and the formation of a small V shape reversal. On the surface of either plate or stocks are not strong, mainly in the fall, the only time shares, steel, brokerage, send to a very small amount of index maintenance including real estate, red; building, Beijing Tianjin Hebei, ships and other sector led. Since the middle of this month to start the two stock index breakthrough in Changyang since the last 8 trading days the stock has been running trend test the shock, and technical performance indicators are still in an adjustment situation, within 35 trading days seems to not see signs of the end repair technology index. Since the two big line since our 7 consecutive trading days to remind investors must be the main risk of the stock shocks stepped back, also repeatedly reminded the hot market will gradually reduce the risk of operation, greatly increased the difficulty of the operation since today, change trend and the index on the disk plate between the fully validated our judgment. The short-term trend judgment, before the end of the month the market is still in shock consolidation trend, not too good operation opportunity, a technical repair index has not ended, repair days in 3-5 days; two is the bad news recently appeared to digest, including real estate, finance and other old hot stage fall, new hot spots not forming caused by hot stage vacuum. From the long-term trend, mainly to see whether further breakthrough in the line volume, if the rapid breakthrough volume in August 15th the amount of energy, and the index can line station last year, while the stock index is expected to rise to 3600 points; if a similar hypothesis does not exist, then the 3140.44 points may become 2-3 month highs, so in the long term stock index rose or sustained concussion, mainly to see whether the capital side continued to cooperate effectively. Recommendations concern plate: first time shares, time shares short-term volatility is relatively large, but once the fluctuation time shares generally have more than 10% of the amplitude, if a good grasp of the rhythm of the general profit will be more than 8%; two is the military, the industry recently Redubujian, the first aircraft delivered, after the Sino Russian joint military drill. There are also trillion asset injection, worth having; three is the supply side reforms, through market-oriented means to solve the problem of the supply side now seems to be a failure, the following will focus on solving the problem of supply side through administrative means, including coal, rare earth, iron and steel, metal has the opportunity to show.相关的主题文章: