Workaholism Causes And Treatment By: create global future | May 21st 2015 – The work is undoubtedly one of the greatest privileges that have the human being to be useful to himself and to society, but when it is not done for the right reasons and in balance with other highly important human areas to have an adequate quality of life can become a dangerous enemy and a serious psychological condition … Tags: Capricorn Yearly Horoscope 2012 By: apniproperties5 | Apr 10th 2012 – Personality: People having Capricorn as their moon sign are generous, industrious and do not like to share their inner feelings with others. They are secretive to a certain extent. Capricorns are good at encouraging others to achieve their potential. Tags: How To Kick The Addiction To Work By: jiale | Feb 11th 2012 – People who have a compulsive need to work are called workaholics. According to the psychologists, any love for a habit or collection, if goes beyond a degree, can be called an addiction and any addiction indicates kind of problems. According to the Oxford Advanced learner"��s English-Chinese Dictionary, the word addiction r … Tags: Counselling – New Specifics About Dealing With A Pain Addicted Partner By: Chris Keenan | Apr 26th 2011 – Learn the unknown specifics about coping with a pain addicted partner. Tags: Find Out Why You Could Be A Workaholic By: Patrick T. Mullen | Aug 8th 2010 – A workaholic is someone who focuses on nothing but their work. Other responsibilities are pushed out of the way or ignored. Many people have to work very long hours for example, doctors can work extremely long hours. However, it would be inaccurate to call them workaholics. In their type of job when dealing with life and d … Tags: 相关的主题文章: