Through the Aden victims: behind the tour pal scenic spots (Figure) – paid search options Beijing man danmou jaywalked across the Aden plateau reaction, after the rescue team were killed, the remains of this transfer is a "dilemma" as the first Sichuan declared rescue system of paid scenic area, scenic spots in Aden said that for two years the system has to bear no small pressure area. In October 6th this not paid search and rescue death case, let the scenic "difficult" show more thoroughly — if you insist on paid search and rescue area, like a stone face such a patient, will bear great moral pressure, especially like a stone that finally regrets the death of a more scenic, easy to fall into the plight of public opinion. But if in the case of the other party to give up paid search, scenic spots out of respect for life and rescue search and rescue system for illegal thefate of paid and fear will become a mere scrap of paper. In October 6th, Shandong man danmou followed the team from Muli jaywalked across to Aden, severe altitude sickness, companion to the scenic resort. However, after understanding the relevant provisions of the scenic search and rescue system, they did not choose to pay for the search and rescue, but also to get in touch with the scenic police station, and then the formation of the scenic area police station and other search and rescue teams before the incident. But when you find the team, the stone has been a serious response to the plateau, suspected complications caused by death. This is also the Aden National Nature Reserve Authority (hereinafter referred to as Aden scenic area) since the implementation of the paid search and rescue system since October 2014, the first case of the case did not choose paid search and rescue deaths. A day later, the Aden scenic area for the first time officially issued a notice prohibiting illegal crossing. Yang Zhijun Yin Shiyu Chengdu Daily reporter Jiang Lin incident across Aden suffered plateau reaction peers for help area, not paid search "if they begin the paid search, perhaps the result is not so." Yesterday, the Aden scenic area, a staff member said sadly. The staff of their mouth, is an online form during the national day from Muli through Aden team. At 7:40 on the morning of October 6th, the Aden scenic area received the alarm, through a telephone call from the players in the team, said a member of the team of serious altitude sickness, dying in urgent need of rescue. Aden Daocheng scenic area to create a national 5A class scenic Office official Yu Bin introduction, it is understood that the team of 11 people gathered through the network, from all over the country, do not know each other. By a network of "Tang dragon" to serve as the organizer, the team from Chengdu, the Muli Aden route. The team from October 1st 5 on the evening of Muli County, arrived in pine forest near the multi pass, then 43 year old Qingdao man team in a stone with a cold severe altitude sickness, but they were not the first time the police for help, still let danmou stranded in high altitude area. 6 morning, in the way from high altitude to low altitude, the situation is getting more and more serious, the team chose to help people in the scenic spots. Aden scenic dangzhengban director Wu Xiaofeng said, the day after receiving the calls, they illustrate the reserve paid rescue system to each other, but after listening to the phone?相关的主题文章: