About the Booker Prize, you should not miss the best of the Booker Prize nine English (Booker Prize, referred to as theBooker), is considered the highest award of Contemporary English fiction, is one of the most influential literary world’s largest literary awards. From 1969 onwards, after decades of operation, won the Booker Prize has almost become "the best looking English novel synonymous. The goal is to reward the Booker Prize of excellent works, raise public attention to serious novels. There is no doubt about its influence on Contemporary English novels. Magic is the Booker Prize winning novel, not only has the unquestionable status in the field of literature, according to the film adaptation of the novel are classic, we selected the nine most attractive Booker Prize Works for you, do not miss oh. "Schindler’s list" Thomas · kenealy American director Stephen · Spielberg’s "Schindler’s list" adaptation of the novel, Oscar has won seven awards and many other awards. The little girl in red is also one of the most classic images in the history of film. This book is the Australian novelist Thomas · kenealy novel works, based on real events. Schindler witnessed the Jews of Krakow was extremely brutal massacre, it has been a great shock, he bribed officers, let their own factories become camp affiliated labor camps, in those crazy slaughter days, his factory has become the obstacle to the jews. In 1944, Germany was defeated on the eve of Holocaust action become more and more crazy, Schindler told German officers out of the list of 1200 people who bought the Jewish life. In those days of complete darkness, save a person, is to save the world. "The remains of the day" Ishiguro Yiyu book is a representative of the British novelist Ishiguro Yiyu as the famous japanese. The novel to be not of the common sort realism, depicts a postwar England, a perfect typical Butler Stevens and decadent surly, conservative inner world of paranoia. His style is known for his fine and elegant style, and almost every novel has been nominated or won. His works have been translated into twenty-eight languages. Stevens is a perfect butler service in the house for more than thirty years, darlington. During this period, he tried to become the outstanding figures of the Butler in the pursuit of this class of "dignity", at the same time, he also paid a considerable price, for example to cold treatment son family, blind loyalty to its master Darlington ignored the latter was very close, with the Nazis even diehard real help. This blind that he even lost their beloved housekeeper Miss Kenton emotion. The most representative of England social and cultural characteristics of the Butler as the protagonist in a realistic approach to penetrating performance of the England politics, history, culture, tradition and ideology. "Possession" Baiyate British writer Baiyate works. It caused a great sensation, published, silent and stiff, swept Europe literary world for many years to rave reviews: "a perfect work, from A to Z are big…相关的主题文章: