With about 0-3 years old baby musical development – maternal parents pay more attention to the new Sohu music on children’s influence, parents often have asked me "teacher Wang Ronghui, what time to let children learn music better?" In fact, many parents think that music learning refers to the learning of musical instruments, such as piano, Violin and so on. How to start learning music, this is really difficult to give you a standard answer. You may find that: two children of the same age, with the same teacher to learn music, their progress is very different. What is the reason? Then I’ll tell you the topic about "0-3 baby’s ear". Today’s article is too long, 8 minutes is expected to finish reading. (this article was published on April 15, 2015, in order to let mom and dad are easier to understand, this time to add a hand drawing) ^ 3 and a half years old before the baby don’t destroy the instruments of the interest in learning the instrument, and is closely related to the hand fine movement development, children’s unilateral movement, the main hand, mental development so, the system of learning musical instruments is often dull and needs constant practice. If the child’s ability has not yet reached, the child itself and the teacher will be particularly easy to feel frustrated, this feeling will affect the learning effect. The sense of achievement, let the baby more love to learn, learn quickly my jumping at the age of 4, the first contact with the piano. She is in love, please teach one on one class, found her fingers, wrist fine division of labor is not good enough force is insufficient, and the sound pressure is always the key. To this end, the teacher and the girls in the study of the piano on this matter there is a lot of pressure, so, on the suspension of learning piano. During that period of time, I made a lot of interesting hand games according to the development of her hand and her personality, and we played together for ten minutes every night. More than a year after her fingers and wrist strength significantly improve a lot, recovery of learning the piano, she will not always sound and press the jump, also raises the interest in piano. The house has a Curve Wrecker mom, is such a cow, let me jump me? Joseph’s piano teacher always praise "optimistic" and very good, learning progress very quickly. I began to congratulate myself even at the age of 4 more girl hand jump start training development, but did not miss the girl in the stage musical development gold jumped the best before the age of 3. And a good sense of music in the later self-study ukulele play a large role, she is basically by downloading tracks in the network, they listen two times began to imitate, practice a few times can play a whole song. Later, the school music teacher for jumping in less than 3 months time, he would learn to play the ukulele is also very surprised. Have to say, the girl jumped achievement entirely thanks to the good sense of music development before the age of 3. Wang Ronghui: what is the small class of children aged 0-3 music? On the pitch, timbre, rhythm, speed, intensity, duration and other perceived discrimination, physical performance, appreciation, etc.. At this stage, the child’s perception of music, the way of expression more through listening.相关的主题文章: