A Wenzhou woman wounded old daughter to buy snacks classmates perjury wounded after 80 mother Chen actually come up with snacks buy his daughter’s classmate, let a few on the sixth grade students as their own perjury. The day before, Yongjia Chen was sentenced to 1 years imprisonment for the crime of intentional injury, the crime of obstruction of evidence, compensation for victims of medical expenses and other economic losses totaling more than 5.5 yuan. The afternoon of March 9, 2014, Chen washing clothes at home, suddenly a child came to tell her that her son was hit. Chen hurriedly put down clothes ran past, heard someone say is Xiaojiang hit her son, Chen directly fan a slap in the face of Xiaojiang river. Unexpectedly, all this is just Grandma Li Xiaojiang see, she and Chen scuffled during Li fell and injured. Last June 23rd, the city centre of forensic identification, the extent of damage is minor two li. But in a month before this, Chen also surrendered to the public security organs, but did not truthfully confessed his crimes, after being converted to bail. During the bail, in order to clear his name, Chen let Chen Chao himself on the sixth grade daughter wrote a testimony of the note, top write: "once in the classroom heard Li’s granddaughter Lynn said, grandma’s arm injury is from her own home on the stairs fall." At the same time, Chen Chen took the mango and milk, go to school to play with Mary, small adorable, small day with snacks to buy them in the testimony of note and restrain the signature fingerprints. In July 10th last year, Chen the note to the public security organs testimony. On the court, Chen denied the accusation, still insists that he is not injured Li, no pupil to commit perjury abetting. The court held that the defendant Chen intentional bodily harm to others, causing one minor injury, his behavior constituted the crime of intentional injury; Chen directs minors to commit perjury, his behavior constituted the crime of obstruction of evidence, should be combined punishment. He made the judgment as above.

温州一女子打伤老人 用零食收买女儿同学作伪证将人打伤后,80后母亲陈某竟想出用零食收买自己女儿的同学,让几个上六年级的小学生为自己作伪证。日前,陈某因犯故意伤害罪、妨害作证罪被永嘉法院判处有期徒刑1年,赔偿被害人医疗费等经济损失共计5.5万余元。2014年3月9日下午,陈某在家里洗衣服,突然有个小孩跑来告诉她,她的儿子被人打了。陈某慌忙撂下衣服跑了过去,听到有人说是小江打了她儿子,陈某直接扇了小江一个巴掌。没想到,这一切正好被小江的奶奶老李看见了,她和陈某扭打成一团,期间老李倒地并受伤。去年6月23日,经市司法鉴定中心鉴定,老李的损伤程度为轻伤二级。而在这之前的一个月,陈某也向公安机关投案,但并未如实供述自己的犯罪事实,后被转为取保候审。在取保候审期间,为了给自己洗脱罪名,陈某让自己上六年级的女儿小陈抄写了一张证言纸条,上面写着:“曾在教室听到老李的孙女小琳说,奶奶的手臂上的伤是她自己从家里楼梯上摔伤的。”同时,陈某让小陈拿着芒果和牛奶,去找上学时一起玩耍的小丽、小萌、小天,用零食收买他们在证言纸条上签名并按捺手印。去年7月10日,陈某将上述证言纸条上交公安机关。法庭上,陈某否认了公诉机关指控的罪名,仍坚称自己没有打伤老李,也没有教唆小学生去作伪证。法院经审理后认为,被告人陈某故意伤害他人身体,致一人轻伤,其行为已构成故意伤害罪;陈某指使未成年人作伪证,其行为已构成妨害作证罪,应于数罪并罚。遂作出如上判决。相关的主题文章: