Travel-and-Leisure Its a Nigerian airline operating domestic and international network. It is basically an African air carrier operating at Murtala Mohammed International Airport, Lagos and Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja as its two major hubs. Being South Africas regional Carrier flights to Lagos nigeria are frequent. Its .paratively a new air carrier that started operating in April 2006. It began its scheduled passenger flights with four flights between Lagos and Abuja using CRJ 900 aircraft in October 2006. Since its inception it is continuously striving to ensure better services and safety. It has now transformed itself into leading air carrier of Africa. Millions of passengers travel with it every year, just in the year 2009 it served 2.9 million passengers. It has now be.e a trust worthy air carrier for many world wide destinations especially those looking for flights to Lagos make their reservation with Arik Air. It has ambitious plan to operate at international destinations including; New York, Houston, Paris, Beijing, and many other international destinations. It is currently serving 17 domestic and 18 international destinations in 8 countries. It is equally famous among domestic and international travelers. Those looking for flights to Johannesburg may contact Arik for their travel on their desired dates from their desired departure point. It has also be.e proud operator of air travel in United States after getting permission to fly to the United States by the US Department of Transportation. With the passage of time it is expanding its network to its full capacity. Arik Air UK is now getting an increasing popularity among travelers of all types as it is providing its customers all the services they need for a .fortable journey. For a .fortable and safe journey one must reserve his/her seat in advance. Flights schedules can be checked out in advance with Arik. For all types of seating including business class, first class, and economy class best in flights services are given but these do very from class to class. Visitors from UK make their reservation for flights to Accra to enjoy .fortable journey at affordable prices. It offers hand carry baggage allowance of 10 kg on all types of seating. The total number of bags allowed for any passenger is up to 10 pieces per passenger. If you want to carry extra baggage you are allowed but you will be required to pay an extra charge for carriage of baggage in excess of the free baggage allowance with a maximum limit of 30kg. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: