A photographer in Chengdu Qiang Qiang tourism sacrifice – Sohu is called "cloud nation", they have a habit of village housing built in the valley or mountain, occupy a more favorable position. Because of the high elevation of the place of residence, the mountains often clouds, such as exposure to the general. (Photography @ King – probe loose pot) Qiang people toiled in the mountains, pray for a good harvest in autumn. On the 1th day of the tenth month of the Chinese lunar calendar of each year, they will usher in the most important festival of the year. In the Qiang living area, everywhere will celebrate the festival and grand. (Photography @ King – loose exploration pot) in the ritual activities, the indispensable soul is "shibi". He is the most authoritative Qiang culture and knowledge integration, in the ancient Qiang people has left the peculiar primitive religious culture, people believe in animism, polytheism, faith and Shibi was enshrined as can be connected through the gods of human life and death. Erma eagle, Qiang people, 48 years old this year, follow the local Shibi study hard from the age of 12, diligently. After decades of practice, has become a famous cultural heritage Qiang shibi! (Photography @ King – probe loose pot) Xiqiang nine Huang mountain is located in the territory of Beichuan Qiang Autonomous county. Every day nine Qiang, Huang mountain will hold large Qiang Festival, by the Shibi quanzhai of noble character and high prestige led everyone, along the Erma Road, knocking at St. sheepskin drum, holding a sacrifice in God, worship God, pray for good weather. (Photography @ King – loose exploration pot) by the slate paved Erma Road, on both sides of the trees. At noon the sun through the leaves of the gap, and in the road, as if it is deliberately arranged the gods, the guidelines before the worship team. (Photography @ King – loose exploration pot) worship team, along the road all the way singing Erma, Qiang song, knocking on the sheepskin drum came under the tree, go forward with great strength and vigour. (Photography @ King – probe loose pot) Qiang people believe in animism, that the gods lived in the forest. So we must protect the forest, if those who violate the regulations, cut down trees, will be punished. A simple ceremony, including the Qiang people’s reverence for the gods of nature, the guardian. Recite ancient Shibi Sutra, Qiang people devoted to God worship, pray God’s blessing, pray for the coming year weather. (Photography @ King – Pan Qiang on pine) since ancient animist and worship of many gods, but in faith only in white stone, white stone has become the symbol of all belief in god. Bai Shi worship in the Qiang residential areas everywhere. Bai Shi not only contains the Qiang people worship ancestor worship, God worship, expectation is a better life for the prosperous harvest year, the copycat. (Photography @ King – pine tree in a pot) the end of praying, blessing the team move on to another, to pray to the activities of the day — the temple. God is the highest god Qiang Fengtian protection of the nation, with Bai Shi as the symbol of the gods, the gods in the temple altars dedicated to each day, God Qiang ethnic beliefs, and for visitors to worship. (Photography @ King – Be Helmar pine Eagle exploration pot) in the recommended相关的主题文章: