A new record of snooker Selby Higgins staged the highest showdown against Higgins Selby of sina sports news maybe many people are not aware of, Higgins and Selby in September 16 to create a "world record", they were in Shanghai at the top of Shanghai Center Tower staged a peak showdown, completed so far the highest vertical height from the ground a snooker match. Yesterday the weather in Shanghai rain cloudy, but beautiful decoration in Shanghai Center Tower, green table table, Selby and Higgins in a warm-up match for the Shanghai masters snooker. This year is the tenth year of the Shanghai Masters tournament, this event has quietly gone through the ten. All changes in the world snooker competition system under the condition of the Shanghai masters still has always been the top 32 format, reflects the importance of the event. A few years ago, the Shanghai masters is the beginning of a lot of the new season, the tournament also maintained their own? "Style", after the nine game, the title of each race has never been repeated. 10 years, when Ding Junhui from neotenous herd boy into calm, resolute players when O’Sullivan in the expectation of the fans in time and again come out, the Shanghai masters of the tournament has been engraved rings on many players experience. Selby and Higgins, two may on behalf of the world’s best snooker champion, made a 10 ball exhibition in Shanghai top. Of course, this game is not a real snooker match so fierce, Higgins a smile when the ball on the face, stood in the arena, always look solemn Selby rare lichtung smile, he also through the glass overlooking the city. Several times, he walked many city street corner, visited long night is "drunk". In 2011, Selby in the final 10 to 9 victory over Mark Williams, to win his first masters trophy in Shanghai. A year later, Higgins in the final with the same victory over Trump, is also the first game. This time, they have admitted that Shanghai masters gathered, won the championship and did not imagine so easy. 19, this year’s Shanghai masters will be held as scheduled. According to the signed statement, Higgins will play Sert in the first round; between Selby will play in the first round, Gould and allowed the winner. Apart from them, Ding Junhui and O’Sullivan’s performance is also very popular, Ding Junhui will be in the 19 day debut in the game, he will play against Donaldson in the first round; O’Sullivan will wait between Liang Wenbo and Hu Hao against the winner. (Dong Zhengxiang)相关的主题文章: