A: I miss is the idol old photographs of the peak value of cruise Yan in the new film "detective Jack" in fighting hard as usual. What is the time to start we look forward to seeing him in the movie on high-rise buildings, pull the plane, dodging bullets, rather than his peerless beauty? Remember when seen in the Hollywood blockbuster movie star who green at the end of 90s, wearing outdated bad hair and makeup can not cover the value of a peak and Yan had to now xingtongmolu was inseparable Icon lovers as if we sit on Jun today want to take a time machine back to see those old photos in good times Tom Cruise (Taps) "Taps" stills of Tom Curise when he was young, a handsome man both refined and cultured "interview with the vampire" or more early in the film he is handsome to every twinkle and smile is often started shaking heaven and Earth although too young but tall Tom Yan is really enough for a lifetime to lick and Nicole Kidman together two people unlimited scenery Is the most seductive Couple Nicole Kidman let this Chinese audience to remember the role of Nicole is certainly the "Moulin Rouge" she played senior geisha skin white beauty body exudes a sexy taste even finally killed are the United States now are often criticized face too stiff when Nicole was young, really tight don’t know is probably not. A typical counter attack when people say "the vase later this film, but not only Nicole Kidman" nice when she used her beauty and acting conquered everyone Jennifer Aniston if you don’t understand why she was named America’s sweetheart that you don’t see a "Friends" she played Rachel from dressing to fashionable hairstyle the whole lot of 90s now Fashion items all by her interpretations of some Look drama now seems no out of date she and Peter had Hollywood Jintongyunv how many fans saw their break-up also heartache than their break up? Brad Pitt though Peter is divorced and become uncle, but since 1995 by the "People" sexiest man on the crown title after so many years, all kinds of all kinds of sexy selection has been no less he. This Valentine’s dream is the most popular actresses in Hollywood to eat meat from him always with a Latin flavor of the wild and sexy than the fledgling pout as if you think the later period slightly mature vicissitudes of Peter more flavor DiCaprio has now become the Leonardo King expression package and facial muscles control the small plum Lida who is also the beauty! How to say his movies have let you cry blind time is too cruel, the herd boy is now holding a gun in.相关的主题文章: