A gust of wind blew through the elevator wall suddenly collapsed two cars smashed downstairs a gust of wind blowing, the elevator wall suddenly collapsed, will be parked in the downstairs two cars smashed. Yesterday afternoon, this thrilling scene occurred in the Wuchang district fruit lake hospital. 1:30 yesterday afternoon, AFP reporters rushed to the hospital to see East Lake Road No. 48, a 5 storey building in the courtyard, is under the foot shop, it is the hotel. A van elevator is installed on the surface of the building. There is a wall about 10 meters high and 4 meters wide, which completely collapses outside the elevator between the 4 and 5 floors, revealing the inner steel structure. Inside the yard, a white SUV and a black car were smashed by the brick, and the window glass was smashed. Because there are residual brick wall cracks, may be blown at any time, the staff set safety cone in the elevator around, to prevent people close to. Witnesses Mr. Yu introduced, 1 pm, a strong wind, the brick wall suddenly fall off. At that time there were two men talking, two people dodging in time, not smashed. "It’s dangerous, no injury to the person’s luck." Mr. Yu said. The residents said that the elevator was installed 3 years ago, and the billboard was hung on it, and there was nothing to do with it. Reporters to the Wuchang District Security Supervision Bureau to reflect the matter, the Bureau immediately sent the relevant personnel to the disposal. (press man)

一阵大风吹过电梯外墙突然垮塌 砸坏楼下两辆车 一阵大风吹过,电梯外墙突然垮塌,将停在楼底下的两辆车砸坏。昨日下午,这惊险一幕发生在武昌区水果湖一院内。昨日下午1点半,楚天都市报记者赶到东湖路48号院内看到,院子里有一栋5层高的大楼,底下是沐足店,上面是酒店。大楼表面加装了一部厢式电梯,4楼和5楼的电梯间外,有一截约10米高、4米宽的墙体完全垮塌,露出内部的钢结构。院子里面,一辆白色SUV和一辆黑色小轿车被砖头砸瘪,车窗玻璃也被砸碎。因还有残留的砖墙开裂,随时可能被吹落,工作人员在电梯间周围设置安全锥,防止人靠近。目击者余先生介绍,下午1点左右,一阵大风刮过,这段砖墙突然脱落。当时旁边还有两名男子正在说话,两人躲闪及时,没有被砸到。“真是好险,没伤到人真是万幸。”余先生说。院内居民介绍,电梯间是3年前加装的,上面还悬挂了广告牌,一直没啥事,没想到突然垮了。记者向武昌区安监局反映此事,该局随即派相关人员到场处置。(记者满达)相关的主题文章: