A gust of wind blew through the elevator wall suddenly collapsed two cars smashed downstairs a gust of wind blowing, the elevator wall suddenly collapsed, will be parked in the downstairs two cars smashed. Yesterday afternoon, this thrilling scene took place in the Wuchang district hospital in fruit lake. 1:30 yesterday afternoon, AFP reporters rushed to the hospital to see East Lake Road No. 48, a 5 storey building in the courtyard, is under the foot shop, it is the hotel. The building surface to install a van elevator elevator, 4 floor and 5 floor of the room, has a length of about 10 meters high and 4 meters wide, the wall collapsed, exposing the steel structure. Inside the yard, a white SUV and a black car was a brick smashed flat, windows were smashed. Because there are residual brick wall cracks, may be blown at any time, the staff set safety cone in the elevator around, to prevent people close to. Witnesses Mr. Yu introduced, 1 pm, a strong wind, the brick wall suddenly fall off. The next time there are two men talking, two dodge timely, no hit. "It’s dangerous, no injury to the person’s luck." Yu said. Residents in the hospital, the elevator was installed 3 years ago, the above also hang billboards, has nothing to do, did not expect a sudden collapse. The reporter to reflect this Wuchang District Safety Supervision Bureau, the Bureau immediately sent the relevant personnel to the scene disposal. (reporter man TAT)相关的主题文章: